Trump is going to take action against TikTok and WeChat?

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On the 12th local time, the US White House trade adviser Navarro said that Trump is expected to take”strong action” on TikTok and WeChat two Chinese applications.

According to Bloomberg News, in an interview with Fox News on the 12th local time, in addition to discrediting TikTok and WeChat as a so-called “information security threat” to the United States, Navarro also described Trump Become a victim of”information warfare”, and threatened that the Trump administration’s actions against TikTok and WeChat are”just beginning” and do not rule out the possibility of blocking these two apps.

Navarro claims that even if TikTok is sold to American buyers, it will not solve the problem.”If TikTok splits into an American company, it won’t help us much, and the situation will get worse, because we have to pay China billions of dollars in exchange for TikTok’s right to operate in the United States.”

Trump may have to put some harsh words in order to vote

Shen Yi, director of the Cyberspace Governance Research Center of Fudan University, said in an interview on the 13th that Trump did this The direct reason may be due to false bookings at a recent election rally. Encourage people to book tickets and then”play away” videos to get millions of views on TikTok. Shen Yi judged that because the election situation is not good, Trump may have to make some harsh words, but whether to disable TikTok is still two words, because many young Trump supporters also use TikTok. Polls published on the US Forbes magazine website show that if the Trump administration bans TikTok, it may have an impact on his re-election.

China’s position

In response to the unreasonable suppression of Chinese apps such as TikTok by American politicians, on July 8, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian chaired a regular reporter At the meeting, it was stated that the comments made by individual individuals in the United States were completely out of nothing and maliciously discredited.

Zhao Lijian emphasized that the Chinese government has always required Chinese companies to carry out foreign economic cooperation on the basis of legal compliance. If the US logic is followed, many US social media have a huge user group in the world. For countries around the world Isn’t this a huge security threat? They should be subject to common supervision and evaluation by the international community. We urge some people in the US to correct their minds, abandon prejudice, stop using their own lives, stop using state machinery to suppress Chinese enterprises, and do more things that are conducive to promoting Sino-US relations.

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