Trump niece fires again:Uncle, resign, you have no ability to lead this country

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“Resign.” On the 14th local time, when asked by reporters what he wanted to say to Trump, Trump’s niece Mary Trump gave such an answer. Mary also bluntly said that his uncle was completely incapable of leading the United States, making him”dangerous” as president. According to US media reports, on the day Mary was interviewed, she broke the news that Trump’s new book was also officially published.

ABC:Words from Trump’s niece:”Resign.”

According to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported on the 14th, Mary accepted an exclusive interview with ABC that day, which is also Mary was interviewed for the first time after the new book was published. During the interview, the moderator asked Mary what she thought of Uncle Trump:”If you were in the Oval Office (of the White House) today, what would you say to him?”

“Resign.” Mary Answer.

Mary Trump was interviewed by ABC on the 14th local time:ABC

Not only that, the report said that Mary also believed that her uncle was a”completely incapable leader””The people of this country”, making him president is”dangerous.” She said:”I witnessed him focus on the wrong things and promote the wrong people. If a person can live in a world without responsibility, the injury may also follow. And surprisingly Now this situation continues.”

Mary continued:”He now looks haggard, seems to be due to pressure. You know he has never experienced this situation, he cannot Completely isolate those criticisms and doubts about his ability. He looks tired. This may not be the result he wanted when he campaigned.”

Mary’s new book”Too many and never enough:How my family made the most dangerous people in the world” Source:ABC

According to reports, on the day Mary was interviewed, her breaking new book”Too Many and Never Enough:How My Family Is”Making the most dangerous people in the world” was also officially published. According to the British”Daily Mail” report, this book is currently at the top of Amazon’s best-selling list, and the publisher has sent direct reports to many news organizations, including”Daily Mail”. Sell ​​this. Prior to June 30, the New York State Court temporarily prohibited Mary from publishing the book, but then the court revoked the restraining order and ruled that the book could be published.

(Reporter Cui Yan Source:World Wide Web)