Trump said the largest monthly employment growth in history

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2020-07-04 15:17

In June this year, the gap between the unemployment rate of black Americans and white Americans reached a record high. The unemployment rate of both white and black groups declined in June, but the rate of white unemployment fell much faster. According to data released by the US Department of Labor on Thursday, the white unemployment rate fell 2.3 percentage points from 12.4%to 10.1%, while the black unemployment rate fell 1.4 percentage points from 15.8%to 15.4%. This gap is currently 5.3 percentage points, the largest gap value since May 2015, and exposes the problem of economic inequality between races.

“Unfortunately, this is consistent with the patterns we have observed in this country for decades,” Valerie Wilson, the leader of research projects on race, ethnicity and economic policy Say.

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U.S. President Donald Trump held a rare morning briefing with reporters at the White House on Thursday. He said:The news just released said that the US economy increased by nearly 500 in June Ten thousand jobs have broken all the expectations I saw this morning and performed very well. Trump said,”It is the largest monthly employment growth in the history of our country. The unemployment rate fell by more than two percentage points to about 11%. We fell to 11%. We started with a very high number (unemployment rate) , As you know, we broke the record last month, and this month we broke the record in a bigger way.”

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US Treasury SecretarySteven Mnuchin (Steven Mnuchin) said”Today, from this month to the last month, there are about 8 million jobs, and 8 million people are stressed because of the Care Act. Back to work. In cooperation with Congress, I think as you know, we will return 8 million people to work. I think everyone thinks that we will lose 30 million people. Fortunately, we have never done that, so 800 Ten thousand job opportunities have returned, but our work has not been completed. Our work will wait for every American who lost his job in New Coronary Pneumonia to return to work.”

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The epidemic of New Crown Virus broke out while the United States was undergoing a record economic expansion and creating better job opportunities for black workers and other vulnerable groups Suddenly it all ended. Among them, unemployment among women and people of color is the most serious. Wilson said that as the labor market slowly recovers, black workers seem to be the last to benefit, repeating the pattern that usually appears after the recession. She said:”After the Great Recession, it took us about 10 years to make the black unemployment rate really improve.”

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The unemployment rate for black men increased from 15.5 in May%Rose to 16.3%in June, reaching its peak since the fall of 2011. Wilson said that the labor force participation rate of black people increased in June, which indicates that more men are trying to find a job but cannot find a new job. The overall decline in black unemployment in June was due to women, who were called back to work in bars, restaurants and retail stores during the epidemic, thus reversing the unemployment situation in March and April. The unemployment rate of black women has dropped from 16.5%in May to 14%.

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After the home isolation order in the US epidemic, a large number of economic pauses caused the overall unemployment rate to expand for several months, and the gap between black and white unemployment peaked. In August last year, the black unemployment rate fell to a record low of 5.4%, and the gap between black and white workers fell to 2 percentage points. This is the statistics since the Labor Department re-established employment indicators based on race in 1972. The smallest gap. Compared with other racial or ethnic groups, black workers still have the highest unemployment rate. The unemployment rate of Hispanic workers has fallen from 17.6%in May to 14.5%in June. The unemployment rate of Asian workers has dropped from 15%to 13.8%.

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