Trump suddenly shot and fired at his”strong enemy”:Obama and Biden were to be convicted of”treason”

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Judging from the current situation, the severe epidemic situation in the United States and the rapid increase in new crown cases have made the holding of large-scale, “offline” campaign gatherings more difficult. Due to the influence of various factors before, polls by various agencies have shown that Trump is lower than the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Coupled with the current situation, there is little hope that the approval rate will rise. But when Trump was in a state of desperation, he suddenly shot and fired on the strongest”competitors” Obama and Biden:calling Obama and bye Deng is to be convicted of”treason” and can be sentenced to 50 years in prison!

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According to a news from the World Wide Web on July 20,” If (monitoring the campaign) is true, treason will be sentenced to 50 years!” On the 19th local time, US President Trump tweeted at the same time as the former President Barack Obama and the 2020 election”strong enemy”, the Democratic candidate Biden. Trump scolded the Democrats for”destroying the country” and said that both Obama and Biden were”monitoring” their campaign activities and were convicted of”treason.”

Actually, this is not the first time Trump has”flipped” Obama and Biden. Earlier, Trump said that Washington has insisted on excluding Russia from the Group of Eight (G8) because of Russia In the field of foreign policy, he was actually well qualified for the then US President Obama. He also said on Twitter, “When Biden and Obama were in power, Russia completely defeated them, so much so that Obama wanted Russia to leave the G8 at the time. The United States is very weak in every aspect, especially in Russia. ”

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In other words, Trump pushed the Obama administration It came out just to make people think about it, especially the connection with Biden. You know, Biden was the vice president during Obama’s administration. Trump has shown the issue of Biden’s administration by pointing out the issue of Obama’s administration, and this time he has linked Biden with”treason.” It can be said that Trump is hoping to use this model to suppress Biden and absorb the votes of some intermediate voters.

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But what Trump should know is that he The reason for the collapse in support is largely due to the ineffective handling of the epidemic and the human rights crisis. In other words, more and more Americans are skeptical about Trump’s handling of the epidemic, causing people to have negative comments on the president’s work. If you want to really change the approval rate, you can only start from this aspect.