Trump threatens federal troops will take over the city:some places are worse than Afghanistan

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“This is unimaginable. This is worse than Afghanistan. Although I hate to say that, it is worse than any war zone we are in.” Local time On the 13th, in response to the frequent shootings in Chicago during the past weekend, US President Trump threatened at the White House roundtable that he might send US federal troops to major cities such as Chicago. He said that some violent crimes in the city of Chicago have been”worse than Afghanistan”.

Chicago Tribune:Trump said that even They must”enter and take over” the city, and he will also reduce violence in Chicago.

According to the 13th report of the Chicago Tribune, Trump said at the meeting:”I think we will do Some things that have impressed you, even if we (Federal Army) have to enter and take over the city, we must let the number of (violent crime incidents) decline. We cannot let this happen continuously.”

On the 13th, Trump held the White House round table meeting

Trump Said that in the last weekend alone, there were 88 shootings in Chicago, killing 22 people.”This is unimaginable. This is worse than Afghanistan. Although I hate to say this, it is worse than any war zone we are in.”

“So, we will not continue to do this”Trump went on to say,”We should not wait for them (local governments) to call for assistance, and they do not call. We have already asked Chicago,’Do you need us to help?’ No. We have already called many cities and asked them’Do you need our help in the past?’

In addition, the Chicago Tribune mentioned that Chicago has happened in the past weekend There have been many shootings, but the specific number of casualties is different from what Trump said. According to reports, a total of 10 people were killed in the shooting incident over the weekend and 50 others were injured.

On the 12th, the Chicago police investigated the scene of a local shooting scene Source:”Chicago Tribune”

The report also mentioned that this is not the first time Trump has”compared” Chicago with Afghanistan. On October 28 last year, Trump attended the annual meeting of international police chiefs in Chicago. In his opening speech, he named Eddie Johnson, the chief of the Chicago police at the scene, saying that under his leadership, Chicago became a refuge for criminals,”shaming our country.” He also said:”Afghanistan is a safer place compared to Chicago.” That afternoon, Eddie Johnson refuted Trump’s criticism. He ironically said:”Today, those criticized by the president are not capable of protecting this. The police in the city are protecting him all day long.”