Trump will throw ten thousand fireworks to celebrate Independence Day

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According to the Associated Press reported on July 1, the US Department of the Interior announced on Wednesday that the Trump administration will hold a”Salute to America” ​​Independence Day celebration on July 4. At that time, a grand firework show in recent years will become the highlight of the entire celebration, 10,000 fireworks will be set within a mile.

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2019 independence day was held in Washington, DC Image source of the fireworks show information map:Associated Press

William Mayor Muriel Bowser expressed deep concern about this. She said she had read the Ministry of the Interior’s statement on Independence Day plans briefly. She believed that these plans were inconsistent with the established health and epidemic prevention guidelines, and pointed out to the federal government that the large number of people participating in the event would pose obvious dangers.

Bao Ze said:”We have communicated with the Ministry of the Interior and pointed out that this is inconsistent with the anti-epidemic guidance provided by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Ministry of Health.” Held on the land of the federal government, she said she had no right to stop the event.

Bao Ze said she has asked Washington residents to avoid large crowds and celebrate Independence Day at or near their homes.”Ask yourself, do you need to be there? Can you foresee or know who will be around? If you go to the city, do you know if you can maintain a social distance?”

Although officials of the Ministry of the Interior It is planned to distribute 300,000 masks at the event site. It is recommended that tourists wear masks and maintain a distance of six feet, but Bao Ze said:”No one will be required to wear masks on the scene, and no one may ask you to wear them at all.”

In a tweet about the Independence Day plan released on Wednesday, Trump expressed his gratitude to the sponsors, saying that he would”be a special night.” But he did not mention the new crown epidemic situation and mask-related issues.

Reports that the Trumps planned to hold an Independence Day celebration on the Oval Lawn of the White House on Saturday. Trump also plans to attend another firework show and public rally on Friday at President Hill in the United States.

Upstream news compiled by Jiang Mingjing