Trump’s general trend is gone, Biden’s approval rating is breaking records! Expert:No good news for Trump

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On the 16th, Biden set a record for his leading position in the US general election opinion survey!

Biden is far ahead of Trump 15%!

One item A new national survey shows that Biden leads Donald Trump by 15 percentage points in the White House National Opinion Survey. This is Biden’s biggest lead over Trump in a similar investigation since he was nominated as a US presidential candidate.

The National Opinion Survey published by Quinnipiac University in the United States on Wednesday showed that registered voters supported 52%of the former vice president and 37%supported the current president. A survey of the same opinion a month ago showed that Biden led 8 percentage points, 49%versus 41%.

This opinion survey shows that independent voters are the most important factor in this transformation. In June of this year, half of the independent voters supported Biden and the other half supported Trump—now Biden leads with a 51%to 34%approval rating.

Quinni Piac University opinion survey analyst Tim Malloy said:”Yes, there are 16 weeks until election day, but this is a president Trump may be very unhappy The survey results, which observe and reflect the results of future elections in real time… In the survey results of the presidential election, there is no good news, even a glimmer of hope, and no encouraging trend changes.”

This opinion survey was conducted from July 9th to 13th A survey of 1,273 self-recognized voters across the United States was conducted with a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points.

Perhaps the most prominent point in this US opinion survey is that Biden is now ahead of Trump in terms of public opinion on who can better control the economy. The survey found that in terms of controlling the economy, Biden led with a 50%-45%support rate, reversing the results of Trump’s 51%-46%opinion survey in June.

The economy is a major point of Trump’s propaganda. However, the epidemic has hit the US economy and the employment rate of the United States, making it impossible for Trump to propagate this point.

As the US public treats Trump with the new coronavirus Dissatisfied with the pandemic, Trump’s election hopes continue to decline. More than 3.4 million Americans are infected with the virus, and at least 136,800 people have died.

Quinni Piac’s survey pointed out:“Voters’ support for Trump’s response to the new coronavirus is 35-62%, which is the first time that this issue has been investigated since March of this year. , The lowest value that appears.”