Twenty thousand soldiers increased their troops at the Indian border! At a critical moment, Pakistan Railways promptly controlled India

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Dw4HnbyBXsY6twCBA0Xypev4dDUwOIdh1cmlMEUL76SSgiWbxcVGzw - Twenty thousand soldiers increased their troops at the Indian border! At a critical moment, Pakistan Railways promptly controlled India

The current situation in India is quite optimistic. The epidemic of the new coronavirus is widespread in the country, which is a safety issue for the people’s lives and economic development. Brought huge destruction, causing public resentment to boil. It seems that just to divert domestic attention, the Modi government has recently committed itself to launch armed provocations against neighboring countries, especially along its eastern border. A large number of military forces were deployed, and a posture of not hesitating to launch a large-scale war was put on. At this critical moment, Pakistan has launched a military operation, which has effectively restrained India’s military deployment. On July 1, the Indian News Channel reported that Pakistan suddenly increased its troops to the India-Pakistan border.

According to Indian government sources, the Gilgit at the border between India and Pakistan -In the Baltistan Autonomous Region, Pakistan has dispatched approximately 20,000 more troops, greatly enhancing the strength of the garrison at the border. It is worth mentioning that the Gilgit-Balstanstan Autonomous Region, which is newly aided by the Pakistani army, is located in the northern part of the Ladakh region. The current situation in the Ladakh region is extremely serious. The Modi government has ordered a large number of army units of the Indian army. Being stationed here and continuously delivering large quantities of weapons and equipment, logistics supplies and other combat readiness materials to the region has created a very tense situation in the Sino-Indian border zone. Now, 20,000 Pakistani troops have rushed directly to the Ladakh region on the Indian border, forming a military confrontation with the Indian army.

Pakistan’s massive increase of troops to Gilgit-Balstanstan on the India-Pakistan border will undoubtedly have a good effect on India. In fact, the situation in Kashmir, another sensitive area between India and Pakistan, is even more severe. Recently, conflicts have occurred frequently. On June 30, according to the Russian TASS, the North Command of the Indian Armed Forces issued an official statement on the day before the news that the Pakistan garrison on the Pakistani side of Kashmir suddenly sent troops and carried light weapons such as mortars, small artillery and firearms. To launch artillery bombardment on the Indian garrison positions on the Indian control line. Faced with the sudden and violent shelling, the Indian army was beaten and fleeed, and only a sporadic counterattack was organized, and many military facilities were seriously damaged.

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The reason why Pakistan has increased its troops to the India-Pakistan border is not only to contain the Indian troops at the border, but also to draw lessons. India’s intentions are, after all, the Indian army has recently been extremely arrogant on the border. For example, on June 3, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, an Indian army stationed in Kashmir was eager to move towards the Pakistani army stationed near the control line. Kill people in the area at will. It is reported that the Indian army revealed its brutal nature this time. After some fire, at least 13 people were attacked and killed, and many military and civilians were injured to varying degrees. In response, the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned that this was the Indian army’s “extra-judicial killing”.

Such acts as”extrajudicial murder”, Indian army are very familiar with doing. According to the news from Overseas Network on June 22, the day before, the Indian army in Kashmir once again dispatched a unit to launch a sudden attack on the camp on the side of the Pakistani control zone in the area. Immediately afterwards, the Pakistani garrison organized a brave counterattack and shelled the Indian military strongholds in the Indian-controlled area. After the fighting started, the exchange of fire between the two armies became more and more fierce. According to the statistics after the incident, the Indian side lost 5 people to death in this battle; the Pakistani side was killed and only 6 people were injured, including one An innocent mother and daughter who are unarmed.

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When it comes to the conflict between the military forces of India and Pakistan in the recent period, the most dangerous one is the cross-fire incident during the middle of last month . According to the news released by the Russian TASS News Agency on June 16, just less than a week later, the Indian and Pakistani forces said that bloody clashes broke out on the front line of the Kashmir line. A video shows the occurrence of one of the conflicts. I saw that the Indian army had dispatched several Russian tanks similar to the T90 and bombarded the positions of the Pakistani garrison. At the same time, the Pakistani army did not succumb, but carried out tit-for-tat resistance, such as the use of the Red Arrow-8 anti-tank to show their talents and attack the attacking Indian army.

In South Asia, India has relied on its strong military strength and has always pursued powerism, showing strong territorial ambitions to neighboring countries. Especially in recent years when Modi became prime minister, it has led to the chauvinist tendency of India’s great power, and even attempted to completely annex the entire Kashmir region. Now, motivated by the Modi government’s power policy, the Indian army has continued to provoke armed force in the Ladakh region, and it has increased its troops. It is also eager to promote the purchase of a variety of offensive weapons. The Modi government is showing a stance that will not hesitate to push India into the flames of war. At the critical moment, the Pakistani Railway has made a large increase in troops to the border. Under this containment, it will undoubtedly make the Indian army dare not act lightly.