Twitter V:Suo Shuai preferred to introduce Sancho, and later want to sign forwards and central defenders

By yqqlm yqqlm

Live broadcast July 15th Now Manchester United has begun to consider summer signings. A Twitter account utdreport devoted to reporting Manchester United related news revealed the goal of coach Solskjaer’s signing.

This Wednesday’s Twitter account utdreport said:”Solskjaer will give priority to the introduction of a right-winger, Sancho

span> is the primary goal. If funds allow, he would also like to sign a forward and a central defender.”

Many fans commented on Twitter:”For us Why is it still puzzling to introduce a striker this summer”,”Yesterday we missed the chance to score because we don’t have another No. 9 center”,”I don’t think the forward is more important than the creative midfielder . Should sign Glalish or Van der Baker this summer, and then buy a striker in January next year,”Of course you should buy a midfielder after Sancho”,”Another striker? I think we need to be like Glalis or Van der A midfielder like Baker.”

(Su Erhu)