Two players in the NBA rematch isolation zone are positive

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Source:Global Times

The new crown epidemic still makes the NBA quite a headache. On the 14th, the NBA Rockets superstar Westbrook announced that his new crown virus test was positive, and the NBA official also notified the Orlando rematch campus The player’s test result, two people made the move.

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Thunder team during the period of prestige.

Since Westbrook did not rush to Orlando with the team a few days ago, many people at the time speculated that he might be infected with the new crown. Now that Westbrook himself announced the diagnosis on social media, he also revealed that he is currently in good health and is being quarantined. Once approved by the doctor, he will rush to Orlando and join the team as soon as possible. Wei Shao hopes that everyone will pay attention to the epidemic situation and pay attention to safety, and must wear a mask.

The fully enclosed rematch park created by the NBA also failed to escape the new crown”attack”. The NBA issued an official statement on the 14th that since 22 teams entered the park on July 7, local time, in the test of 322 players, two players were found to be positive in the new crown test during the 48-hour isolation time, but It is not announced which team they belong to. At present, the two players have left Orlando and returned to their respective cities for isolation. After the end of the isolation period, they need to have two consecutive negative nucleic acid tests for more than 24 hours to return to Orlando Disney.

Previously, there was public opinion that the players were isolated in the park for a long time, and it was difficult to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations. Before and after each team stayed in the hotel, two players committed crimes before and after 48 hours of quarantine. Sacramento Kings center Jon Holmes walked out of the closed area to take away food, and a player walked out of the hotel room in isolation. According to the NBA epidemic prevention regulations, they will be re-quarantined, and the time is extended to 10 days, the nucleic acid result is no problem before they can join the team to participate in training.

According to ESPN reports, after the start of the NBA rematch on July 30 local time, if a player violates the epidemic prevention regulations, he will be subject to a high fine, and the relevant player will be absent from the game due to re-acceptance of isolation. Players will be deducted about 1%of their salary for each game absent. If Holmes takes the takeaway event after the rematch, he will miss nearly 5 games due to isolation and lose about $240,000 in salary.