U.S. military officials:Whether the amphibious ship that is on fire can be repaired is uncertain, and it will cost 4 billion to build a new one

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According to the Associated Press, after fighting with the fire on the US Navy’s “Hornet” class amphibious assault ship “Good Man Richard” for nearly 3 days, firefighters have been able to penetrate the interior of the ship further. Significant progress has been made in rescue work. But at the same time, senior US Navy officials said that it is not yet possible to say whether this 23-year-old warship whose flame is burning on the bow and stern can be saved from the fire.

Amphibious amphibious with”Good Man Richard” as the flagship Philip Sobek, commander of the strike group, said that naval officials were able to inspect the four main engineering rooms, and no major damage was found, and the external structure of the warship appeared to be safe. However, he warned in the briefing that hundreds of sailors are still fighting the fire inside the ship. They are focusing on the two isolated points near the bow and the bow. It is not clear whether there are two fires on the ship. Or, the burning area near the stern is only caused by the heat of a single fire.

It is also unclear that it is considered a light aircraft carrier Whether this amphibious assault ship can be repaired. Sobek said,”The situation inside the ship is not enough for us to get a complete picture of the interior. It is too early to say (can it be repaired).”

It is reported that the temperature of the burning flame is as high as 1000 It has caused the mast to collapse and threatened the central control island where the captain commanded the ship.

Sobek also said that among other good signs of progress, the fire has moved away from the ship’s one million gallons of fuel, which mitigates the risk of explosions or fuel spills, although the military is still taking precautions Take measures in case the worst happens.

The helicopter has dumped 1200 barrels of water onto the ship, making The crew can go further on the ship to extinguish the fire. The tugboat also provides fire fighting assistance on the surface.

Sobek said that on the morning of July 12, when the fire began to spread from the low-level cargo storage area of ​​the”Good Man Richard”, the ship was under maintenance.

The fire quickly spread from the front of the ship to the stern, and quickly developed into one of the naval shipyard’s most serious fire accidents in years. Replacing this warship may cost the military $4 billion. At least 61 people (including 38 sailors and 23 civilians) are currently being treated for heat stroke, smoke inhalation and minor injuries.

Sobek said that the fire seemed to spread upward to a similar machine The open area of ​​the library, where under the support of oxygen, the fire burned along the ship’s ventilation and cables, causing the fire to traverse the entire ship. Sobek said that as part of the ship’s maintenance, the construction of cables and pipelines was under way, which fueled the fire and subsequently created obstacles for the sailors who tried to extinguish the fire.

Also, there are at least two fire extinguishing systems on the ship that cannot be used. One of them was deactivated due to the construction on the ship, while the other was unable to produce water due to the explosion, which is believed to be caused by the increased pressure during the fire.

Road Sullivan, a maritime lawyer who served in the Navy It is said that the two fires on board were very unusual and may raise questions about whether the fire involved arson. Sullivan said it was very, very difficult for the fire to traverse the entire ship without damaging any cabins. Naval officials said they would conduct a thorough investigation, but they have not shown any signs of any arson.