U.S. police used rubber bullets to shoot protesters laughing and swearing to celebrate, saying there was no video recording

By ddzyx

On May 31, during a protest in the United States, a policeman hit a woman’s face with a rubber bullet, causing her right orbit to rupture. (Source:Courtesy)

According to the report of the Miami Herald on July 1, on May 31, Florida, USA Fort Lauderdale during a march protesting the death of Freud, the police fired rubber bullets at the protesters, then laughed and swears at the hit To celebrate.

The latest video shows that after the police fired rubber bullets at a protester, Fort Lauderdale SWAT team leader Zachary Barrow scolded the protesters. The protester threw a tear gas at the cordon and left the scene. A few minutes later, another police officer Jamie Chatman came to Barrow and asked if his body camera had been turned off. Barrow replied that his camera was in”standby” mode and there was no recording. Then the two policemen began to laugh and joked about the crowd they were hit with rubber bullets, swearing at them.

George Kocham, a former police officer and emeritus professor at Florida State University, saw this video and condemned the police’s behavior in the video.”This is serious misconduct. These people with badges are like villains.”

A spokeswoman for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department said the police department will have to re-examine this Segment video. In response to the Miami Herald’s request for public records, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department provided several hours of video that exposed the actions of Barrow and Chatman. This video supports the protesters’ claim that the police’s provocation triggered a confrontation between the police and the protesters.

According to reports, a police officer rushed into the protest crowd that day and pushed the head of a woman kneeling on the ground. The parade then threw plastic bottles at the police, and the police responded with tear gas. Nonetheless, the footage showed that the protesters acted quickly to restore peaceful protest.

After a few minutes of tension, the video showed the police started throwing tear gas at the crowd again. Within 15 minutes after the police shoved the protesters, Barrow emptied his six-bore rubber launcher and reloaded it.”If necessary, give me a target.” Barrow shouted to the other policemen behind the police team.

This sentence caught the attention of Robert Drago, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Broward Sheriff’s Office, who watched the video.”If you don’t see a threat, why do you threaten others?” Drago said.

Barrow wrote in the accident report:”In order not to hurt the police and innocent people, I used my 40 mm launcher to target these violent objects.””I used lethality Low bullets, targeting large muscle groups in the abdomen and legs to stop their violent behavior.” In the report, Barrow did not record his comments on other police officers. He wrote that his left thigh was hit by a stone”about the size of a fist.” He also saw protesters throw”stones, fireworks, smoke bombs, and water bottles containing unknown yellow liquid.”

Chartman’s accident report wrote that he was hit by half an explosive. The video showed that a bomb exploded at the foot of the police. His report did not show that he was injured.

Kokam said that the Ministry of the Interior should investigate the behavior of Barrow and other policemen in the video, especially considering that he is the leader of the SWAT team.

“I understand the feeling of adrenaline and I have encountered riots,” Kocham added.”But this cannot be an excuse for this kind of behavior. This shows that the police think they can do whatever they want and escape punishment.” Other police experts also agreed with Cocam’s point of view. (Text/Eight Tubes)