U.S. retired intercontinental missile performs space launch mission and launches 4 secret military satellites

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On July 15, local time, the US military carried out a space launch, and the”Human Bull Monster” 4 rocket sent four secret military payloads into space.

“Human Bull Monster” 4 rocket

According to the report of NASA on the 15th, North Rope Grumman’s”Human Bull Monster” 4 rocket performed the US Sky Army codenamed NROL-129 launch mission launched 4 unknown military payloads from the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

The US National Reconnaissance Office released news that the NROL-129 mission will carry four payloads designed, constructed and operated by it, supporting it to provide intelligence to senior US policymakers, intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense The overall national security mission of data.

The”Human Bull Monster” 4 rocket used for this launch mission is a solid launch vehicle with a maximum carrying capacity of about 1.7 tons. It is a retrofit of the retired”Peace Guard” intercontinental missile for the first time. The launch is in 2010.

Northrop Grumman’s director of carrier rocket Kurt Ebury said that next year the “Human Bull” 4 rocket will also perform two national reconnaissance office launches next year. Task codes NROL-111 and NROL-174. Ebury said the National Reconnaissance Office was seen as an attractive client of Northrop Grumman’s solid rockets. The rocket can be assembled and launched in a short time, which is in line with the agency’s”quick response” needs.

The National Reconnaissance Office is one of the important intelligence agencies in the United States. It has various types of reconnaissance satellites and is an important source of space-based intelligence in the United States.

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