U.S. Supreme Court 87-year-old Liberal Justice, hospitalized after a fever

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(Observer Network News) On July 14, local time, CNN reported that the 87-year-old US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg ) Was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital for treatment of “possible infection”.

Catherine Aberger, spokesperson for the Supreme Court of the United States, announced the news. According to Aberg, Ginsberg developed fever and chills on the evening of the 13th, and received a preliminary evaluation at Westbury Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC. On the 14th, she was taken to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where she also underwent endoscopic surgery to clean up the bile duct stents placed in August last year.

Aberg said that she will rest in the hospital for several days and receive an intravenous antibiotic injection.

Ginsberg has long been troubled by health problems. In 1999, Ginsberg received colon cancer treatment. In 2009, she underwent early pancreatic cancer surgery. In 2018, she also removed two nodules of the left lung to avoid the spread of the tumor.

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U.S. President Trump said in an interview on the 14th that he hopes that Ginsberg’s physical condition will improve as soon as possible, and praises Ginsberg’s “actual It gave me some pretty good rulings.”

Russ Bard Ginsberg was nominated by then-President Clinton in 1993, and was appointed as a Chancellor by a high vote in the Senate. She is the second female judge in American history and the only Jewish female judge, leaning towards liberalism.

Because the Supreme Court has a significant voice in American politics, the choice of the Chief Justice often affects the direction of the American political landscape, and its appointment and nomination are also regarded as extremely important matters.

After taking office as President, Trump nominated and appointed Neil Gossach as the Justice in 2017. In October 2018, Trump-nominated Brett Kavanaugh also passed the Senate with a slight advantage, replacing the neutral Anthony Kennedy and becoming the second justice appointed by Trump. The appointment of this conservative justice means that of the nine justices in the United States Supreme Court, 5 people are conservatives, breaking the political balance.

Ginsberg’s physical condition has also received much attention. Democrats worry that Ginsberg’s absence due to health problems will deprive the Supreme Court of neutrality and fall directly to conservative forces under Trump’s leadership.

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