UBS latest survey:Rich and ordinary people have the same concerns about the future before the epidemic

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As the human and economic losses caused by the new crown epidemic continue to increase, the daily lives of people of all income classes are undergoing tremendous changes. The traditional view is that the general wealthy class will not be affected by the new crown epidemic. However, the latest UBS survey found that in the face of the epidemic, the rich and ordinary people have the same concerns.

According to Yahoo News reported on July 13, UBS recently conducted a survey of nearly 3,800 wealthy people from 15 different markets. The survey shows that as the epidemic reshapes public life, many of these people are”planning to adjust their way of life.”

Of the people surveyed, 75%believe that”life will never be the same as before”. As telecommuting becomes more common among white-collar workers, 70%plan to reduce business trips and office hours, and half plan to move their residence closer to their families. Nearly half of people said they might leave a densely populated city, and up to 88%think that personal health is the most important.

At the same time, 66%said that the epidemic affected their views on money.

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An UBS survey found that more than half of people are worried , Whether they have sufficient financial capacity to deal with the next outbreak, and whether they need to extend their working years to make up for the damage caused by the outbreak to their retirement plans. 60%worry that if they get sick, it will bring financial burden to the family, and 54%worry that they cannot leave enough money for their children.

As the United States has become the epicenter of the global epidemic, UBS surveys show that 82%of Americans believe that public life has been completely changed by the epidemic, and 80%said the fear of the epidemic will be indefinite Continue. 70%of Americans said the outbreak affected their financial situation to a certain extent, and 77%said the outbreak affected their retirement plans.

However, more people said that the epidemic also made them pay more attention to family, health and safety.

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