UFO hunter claims to find evidence of alien presence on the sun

By yqqlm yqqlm

According to foreign media reports, Recently, UFO hunter Scott C Waring said he had discovered evidence of the existence of aliens. According to his statement, he found an unidentified”celestial body” beside the sun. He is using NASA’s SOHO observatory to prove his point of view by observing the star. It is understood that the SOHO Observatory uses different wavelengths of light to monitor the sun.

In a series of images, a bright curved flare appears on the star’s horizon. According to Waring, this is evidence that a UFO is hidden in the void.

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Waring said that there must be something on the side of the sun that blocks people’s vision of the flare. It seems to be a sphere. If he is right, this object is about 25 times larger than our planet.

Also Waring claims that he also saw a”cube” shaped sphere, like the alien hunter had seen in the image around the sun. It is worth noting here that the resolution of the video is very low, and the selected details are only pixels. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of hard data that can convince many people.