Unloading Meituan, can the level of Chinese men’s football be improved?

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Wang Xing, CEO of Meituan, recently teased that the Chinese men’s football team was not able to outperform Tsinghua’s ordinary boys. People in the football circle have started the mutual mode, and former international Li Yi said that the US group has been uninstalled. The Chinese men’s football can’t do it at the foot, they can’t lose their mouth. A fan commented:”We also want to uninstall Chinese football.” In this regard, the author thought that with the highest salary of all Chinese sportsmen, he did not bring back the country’s honor of being an Asian champion, Chinese men. Why can’t you say enough? Faced with the evaluation of the public, shouldn’t we reflect on it?

Speaking is contextual. The point of Wang Xing’s complaint was that when he took a physical education class at Tsinghua University, the boys had excellent 3,000 meters. To objectively look at the”12-minute run” of the Chinese men’s football team, there are indeed some professional players who can’t beat Tsinghua’s ordinary boys.

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Tsinghua has an excellent long-distance running tradition. Since 1928, Tsinghua University’s physical education class requires that each class run 1 mile (about 1609 meters). In 2005, Tsinghua University created a record of more than 6,000 students participating in the Beijing International Marathon at the same time. Despite the influence of factors such as the Internet, college students’ exercise time and physical fitness have declined, but Tsinghua University still adheres to the”sunshine long-distance running” school characteristics.

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In the 1950s and 1960s, Tsinghua students performed extra-long-distance running exercises. Image source:Tsinghua Sports

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In the 1980s, Tsinghua students ran in the Old Summer Palace. Image source:Tsinghua Sports

Tsinghua boys’ 3000-meter performance may have fallen today, but the Chinese men’s football team’s level has remained stable as before and continues to hover in the middle reaches of Asia. Endurance running is certainly not the only skill a football player needs, but compared to the spirit that Korean men’s football can’t run, Chinese men’s football has to pay more attention to the words of non-professionals, which is shameful.

Here we might as well trace the origin of the Chinese football”12-minute run”.

In 1994, the China Football Professional League was launched. As early as 1992, in order to change the physical problems of the Chinese team in international competitions every time at the last moment, the offensive and defense cannot come back, only to watch, walk, panting. Advocated by Wei Si, the”Godfather” of Chinese football, Wang Junsheng, vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, promoted the”12 minute run”. The standard is that the 12-minute run must reach 3100 meters (about 3:55 pace), and those who fail can not participate in the league. The original intention of the Chinese Football Association is to use a hard indicator to restrict the soft laziness in the training of players and improve the most basic running ability.

After 7 years of implementation, the”12 minute run” was cancelled due to strong opposition from some players and the media. In 2002, Wang Junsheng, who retired, described the fate of the first test of”12-minute run” in Chinese football in a book.”About 400 A, A, and B players took the test in Guangzhou and Chongqing, and nearly one-fourth did not pass the test. Many people who ran through the testimony lay down on the ground, panting and moaning painfully, with big beads of sweat on their faces. Many people, because of excessive exertion and physical discomfort, all of them squirted out of breakfast, which is terrible. Anyone who knows a little about sports training will think:do they usually do not exercise a lot of training? A referee said bluntly:”White eat National food, free national money! I am faster than them.

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The advantages and disadvantages of”12-minute running” have some advantages. The advantage lies in giving those weak players and coaches the most basic cardiopulmonary endurance training. The disadvantage lies in the fact that football players need to constantly accelerate, sprint, Emergency stop, reverse running,”12 minutes running” test pure endurance items, can not accurately reflect the specific endurance of football players.

Speaking of this, some people may say,”Look, say 12 minutes Run the test unprofessional.”There is really no such test abroad, but people are more scientific in special training, and the player’s self-discipline ability is stronger. Someone once evaluated the Chinese-style physical test:”If Maradona does not pass the physical test, can’t he play Are you good?”The author wants to say that you must first be Maradona.

Once Chinese football was the boss of Asia, why did Japan and South Korea catch up with each other? For more than 20 years, Japanese football Persist in playing technical and fast-paced football. During the period, I have not given up even if I have encountered setbacks. It is now a representative of Asian technical football. Korean football pays attention to physical fitness and uses running and fighting to make up the technology. How about Chinese football? Whichever one is sharp means it is behind.

The current national football coach Li Tie was once”running to die”. But last year Li Tie led his team to the East Asian Cup and lost both games, China The gap between the players and the Korean players is very obvious. The South Korean team is almost pressing the national football team. It is difficult for the national football team to have a chance to breathe. The national football team also wants to”run without death”, but the errors in high-intensity confrontation increase and the physical fitness can not keep up.When Li Tie took Wuhan Zall, the team’s total running distance ranked first among the 16 teams in the Chinese Super League. He emphasized that”run” was used to make up for the shortcomings. However, when facing the Korean team, the national football team still lost one or even a few. Gear.

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Running is the basis of many sports. If the national football team can win the championship in Asia by virtue of its comprehensive ability, or often go to the World Cup as a guest, then the”12-minute run” is no better than Tsinghua boys. Being treated as a boring joke by everyone will not cause a strong rebound. Speaking of Li Yi uninstalling the US group, I believe it will not affect the number of US group users. After all, watching a national football game may make you feel less added. It’s a bit clogged and you will be hungry for a less meal.

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