Until March next year, Qantas cancels all international flights

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【Australia Wang Yuqing compiled July 15] Qantas (Qantas) recently canceled all international flights from the official website, including flights to New Zealand. Qantas said that due to the pandemic of new coronavirus, all international flights and cheap-selling flights were cancelled until further notice. Previously, the Qantas CEO had stated that before July 2021, the resumption of international flights was unlikely.

“Daily Mail” news on the 14th, although Australia is preparing to open the”Trans-Tasman bubble” (Neighborhood New Zealand)”Trans-Tasman bubble” (Trans-Tasman bubble), but the flight to New Zealand as early as September 1 Take off, and flights to other places will not be open until at least March 28, 2021. Since New Zealand closed its border on March 19, travel between Australia and New Zealand is still suspended. A Qantas spokesman said that due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, all international flights and discounted flights were withdrawn from the website until further notice. He did not confirm whether flights to New Zealand will resume from September 1st, only that these flights can be viewed on the Qantas website. He said:”There are some international flights in the system, but they are not currently running.”

People who wish to travel overseas can still book trips through the Qantas website. Currently, flights to the United States, Asia and Europe Flights will be provided through partner airlines, including Emirates (Emirates), British Airways (British Airways) and Cathay Pacific (Cathay Pacific) ). Cancellation of international flights is for new bookings, and international flights previously scheduled will be retained.

A few weeks ago, Qantas experienced layoffs of 6,000 people, which accounted for 20%of the total number of employees. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce is expected to say that international flights are unlikely to resume before July 2021. He said:”We have never experienced such a thing, no one has experienced it. All airlines are facing the biggest crisis in the history of the industry.” Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said last month that the Australian border It may be closed for 4 months. He said that the government is unlikely to reopen the border to international travelers by next year, but will consider the entry regulations for international students and other long-term travelers.