Unwilling to remove Confederate general names from military bases, Trump threatens to veto defense budget

By ddzyx

[News] On July 1, the President Trump threatened that if Senator Elizabeth Warren If one of the amendments is not removed, he will veto the entire defense budget. The content of this amendment is to rename military bases named after generals of the Confederate army.

American Chinese reported that Trump had tweeted on June 30:”If Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren (just her!)’s amendment is not removed, , I will veto the Defense Authorization Act, this amendment will result in Fort Bragg, Fort Robert Lee and many of us winning two World Wars Renamed other military bases (and other bad things)!”

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On March 5, the Democratic presidential candidate and Federal Senator Warren announced his withdrawal. The picture shows Warren campaigning in Iowa on February 2. (Source:China News Service Information Map)

Previously, the Senate Military Committee led by the Republican Party passed the amendment with the support of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. This amendment was incorporated into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which aims to rename all bases and other military assets named after Confederate generals. Warren’s office stated that the amendment will remove all names, logos, displays, monuments and utensils that admire or commemorate the Southern Alliance within 3 years, as well as anyone who provides these on the base and other military property.

Warren said in the Senate debate on the overall defense bill on June 30:”U.S. military bases named after generals of the Southern Union are not named after heroes. They are not named after those who risk their lives They are named after those who defended the United States and American soldiers. They were named after those who took up arms against the United States of America and killed American soldiers in order to defend slavery.”

Warren added,”Those complaining The person who removed the traitor’s name from these bases is ignoring history and should learn some history on his own.”

The Senate has always wanted to pass this defense policy bill before the holiday of July 4, but the House of Representatives His own version is being drafted.

Hawaiian Democratic Senator Brian Schatz tweeted that Trump’s threat to veto the defense budget may not have enough votes to remove the amendment from the legislation. He said:”Delete that amendment will definitely not get 60 votes in favor, already included in the bill, I guess no 50 votes.” (End)