US anti-China lawmakers were scolded for”hot search” by flying without masks, netizens:ban him from flying

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【Global Times Special Correspondent in the United States Jiang Ziyi Global Times Special Correspondent Liu Haoran】” He joined the no-fly list!” Last weekend, Senator Ted Cruz of the Republic of Texas in the United States flagrantly violated the regulations on aviation health and epidemic prevention, and was caught”present” without wearing a mask while flying, which caused public anger. In the past two days, he was even scolded as”hot search” on Twitter. Netizens have said that as a federal senator, Cruz has ignored public health safety during this extraordinary period, and should be included in the”blacklist” by airlines. It is understood that there is a precedent of “no-fly” during the new crown epidemic in American airlines. The company is currently investigating related misconduct.

The American”Times Weekly” reported on the 14th that on the 12th of this month, Cruz took a passenger airliner from Houston to Texas to Dallas, was photographed by fellow passengers during the flight because they did not wear masks in accordance with regulations. The photo shows that Cruz, who was sitting in the first class at the time, was holding coffee in one hand and fiddling with his mobile phone in one hand, and his face was completely exposed (as shown on the left). According to the regulations of American Airlines, all passengers except young children and people with disabilities must wear masks to board the aircraft, and they can only take off during meals; and for passengers who refuse to cooperate with the airline health and epidemic prevention policy, the airline has the right to refuse their boarding Aircraft, or even ban them.

The insider who first exposed this photo is called Jose Hannad, who serves on the US Democratic Congressional Election Committee. He stated that this photo was obtained from a friend. Once the scandal was exposed, it quickly attracted netizens’ close attention. Enard’s tweets were liked and retweeted more than 100,000 times within two days. Some netizens said angrily that this kind of behavior that does not care about the safety of others is”irresponsible” and”endangering society”. On Twitter,”No Flying Cruz” and”No Flying Ted” have become hot topic tags.

As the”mask storm” intensified, a Cruz spokesperson recently responded publicly, saying that the senator wore a mask while traveling and adhered to the”social safety distance” and other epidemic prevention guidelines; as for the exposure photos online It was the person who took the picture that just captured what he was doing while drinking coffee.”He (after drinking coffee) quickly put on his mask back.” For this statement, the news broke that people did not buy it. Enard said that even if he was drinking coffee, Cruz could just take off the mask on one side and put it back on immediately after drinking, and there was no trace of the mask on the photo. He then released”Real Hammer”:another photo showed that Cruz was also”unobstructed” when he was waiting for the plane that day.

According to the CBS report, American Airlines issued a statement on the evening of the 13th, reaffirming the company’s anti-epidemic policy, and said it was investigating Cruz. On social media, many netizens ridiculed American Airlines'”double standards”:in the middle of last month, a US conservative named Straka was refused boarding by the crew members because he did not cooperate with the mask policy. After being added to the”black list”, it will no longer be possible to take the company’s flights. According to Bloomberg, in fact, airlines are also faced with a lot of embarrassment when implementing internal anti-epidemic policies:because all the civil aviation regulatory departments of the US federal government and the national health department have not promulgated any relevant rules of civil aviation anti-epidemic standards, all airlines can only”Crossing the river by feeling the stones” and formulating rules for each, strictly speaking, these internal policies are”unsupportable”.

“Whether to wear a mask” is not only a public health epidemic prevention issue in the United States, but it also involves political ideology. Many”stubborn” Republicans, led by the President and Vice President, did not reluctantly accept the normalization of wearing masks until recently, although during the period some politicians unfortunately”stroke. The American Business Insider website reported that South Carolina Republican Congressman Tom Rice had a family of three who suffered from new pneumonia last month, and he had”faced each other” in the Capitol a few days before the illness. Another”head iron” Republican, 66-year-old Rep. Gomert and Cruz, also from Texas, and the”old stubborn” until the end of last month still stressed that”no new crown will not wear.”

Although Cruz is not so tough on the mask problem, he has always opposed the public segregation policy of the United States, and he has never sang”dialogue with Taiwan” with the government. According to CBS reports, the operator of a hair salon in Dallas, Texas, was arrested for violating the closure order. When she was released and reopened, Cruz made a special trip to Dallas to cut her hair in her shop as a gesture of solidarity. He also declared in public that the store owner had previously been”unjustly imprisoned”, and the local government’s move was to”extract from the wind”; in fact, the store owner not only refused to suspend business during the epidemic, but even tore up the prohibition letter issued by the government in public. Call bad. This”mask storm” has once again caused public doubts about Cruz’s”ethics”. In 2017, Cruz had praised a porn video on Twitter, which caused a lot of public opinion sensation; after deep digging in the media, it was found that the senator had”related to pornography” many times. The ideal of life in high school was”Shoot pornography”. Because of the frequent smearing of China, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced sanctions against anti-China lawmakers including Cruz.

Original title:The US Senator of Texas was scolded as”hot search” by flying without a mask. Netizen:Put him on the blacklist of no-fly flights!