US government revokes new regulations for international student visas

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The Federal District Court of Boston in the United States announced on the 14th that the Harvard and MIT lawsuits against the United States Federal Government announced that the Department of Homeland Security and its Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau agreed to revoke a ban on international students. Visa policy for studying online courses in the United States.

According to the website of Harvard University News, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau will resume the guidance issued in March this year to allow international students to stay in the United States to study online courses with a student visa. The judge in charge of the case, Alison Barros, said that the agreement reached by the two parties applies to the entire United States.

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On the 6th of this month, the United States Department of Homeland Security entered the country A notice was issued with the Customs Enforcement Agency that international students studying in academic or vocational courses in the United States, if the school they are studying in only conduct online courses this fall semester, the US State Department will not issue visas to them. Customs and other relevant departments will also Such students will not be allowed to enter the United States. At present, students who will appear in the United States and fall semesters must also leave the United States or transfer to schools with wired courses, otherwise they may face consequences such as entering the repatriation process.

According to the”Wall Street Journal” report, the regulation has had a practical impact on some international students. In several court documents, American universities reported that U.S. immigration officials prevented students from entering the United States at the airport because their school plans to offer online courses only.

On the 8th, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology initiated a lawsuit against the federal government on the new regulations, hoping that the court will suspend the federal government to implement this regulation. Prior to this hearing, 18 states and the capital, Washington, DC also filed a lawsuit against the federal government. In addition, more than 200 American universities have filed lawsuits in support of Harvard and MIT.

On the 14th, more than a dozen technology companies including Google, Facebook and Twitter also expressed support for the Harvard and MIT lawsuits, criticizing the federal government’s new regulations for damaging their businesses. These technology companies pointed out that”the future competitiveness of the United States depends on attracting and retaining talented international students.” (People’s Network)