US media revealed that Biden quoted Chairman Mao’s famous quote in public, causing heated discussion

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Source:Global Network

Biden, who is determined to replace Trump as the US president, quoted Mao Zedong’s famous quote in public? On the 14th local time, this”event” attracted a lot of attention on American social media and public opinion. FOX News, which has always been pro-Trump camp, put”Biden quotes Mao Zedong’s famous quote” on the headline, but the internal report does not directly describe Biden saying this, and its sources have other people.

Fox News Network screenshot

FOX News said that Mao Zedong’s famous quote quoted by Biden was”women hold up half the sky.” According to the description of FOX, Biden attended a large digital fundraising event that day, according to Edward-Isaac Dovere of”Atlantic Monthly” (Note:his personal Twitter introduction was specially written for the publication) (Contributor), the former vice president made such a statement during the question and answer session on the issue of economic relief for women,”We must now send real economic relief to women”, followed by him,” Women can hold half of the sky.” In addition, Biden said of the impact of the financial turmoil caused by the new crown epidemic on women,”the economic crisis has hit women-dominated industries for the first time.”

Biden. Source:Fox News

On the same day Biden was quoted as quoting Mao Zedong’s famous quote, US President Trump announced the signing of relevant regulations at the White House, “sanctioning China” for Hong Kong issues. In the current political atmosphere that the United States is not friendly to China, Biden is quickly questioned by some people, especially Trump supporters, who have criticized Biden as”Chinese Joe” and”Beijing Biden” on social media.

Russian Satellite News Agency also noted on the 14th that”Biden quoted Mao Zedong’s famous quote.” Its report said,”Women can hold up half of the sky” is Mao Zedong’s famous saying, he has always advocated equality between men and women.