US media:After Putin tightens its power, can the Russian opposition continue to be so obedient?

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The New York Times reported that Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a 70-year-old nationalist instigator in Russia, has long been a safety valve for the dissatisfaction of the Russian people. He can always win voters who are dissatisfied with the authorities. But at a critical moment, he chose to support Putin.

Now he says that the Kremlin treats his party”like an idiot.”

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He said that his party Was told:”You can go to the court to play football, but you are not allowed to score.”

Sergey Fogar, a governor of the Russian Far East, is a popular politician and is also Zhilino Member of the political party where Fowski is.

Fugar was suddenly arrested by the central government in the name of a crime investigation last week. The opposition anger caused by the opposition shook the Kremlin’s carefully designed false opposition political system. In the Khabarovsk region of Russia’s Pacific coast, street protests in support of the governor continued for the fourth consecutive day, the latest sign that Putin is facing an increasingly turbulent domestic political situation.

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Vogal’s arrest

Yuri, a political scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences Korgunyuk said,”Society is becoming uncontrollable and the old tools are no longer working.”

The Kremlin has long supported the”opposition parties in the system” to ease civil dissatisfaction. The most prominent of these opposition parties is the Liberal Democratic Party led by the Russian Communist Party and Zhirinovsky. But in the Khabarovsk region, the general anger caused by the arrest of Vogar may overflow the multi-party guardrail carefully maintained by the Kremlin.

Communists and Liberal Democrats occasionally criticize Putin and then lose to him with an overwhelming advantage in the presidential election-Zhirinovsky did this three times personally. At the regional level, the situation is similar. Communist and nationalist candidates often split the votes of the opposition and let the ruling United Russia Party win.

In 2018, when the former scrap metal trader participated in the election of the governor of the vast Khabarovsk region, he should have been defeated in front of candidates supported by the Kremlin. But what shocked Moscow was that he used a wave of anti-elite sentiment to win the 2018 election, which immediately triggered speculation about how and when the Kremlin would win him or remove him.

Last Thursday, a group of security forces in camouflage camouflage finally pulled him out of the back seat of a Lexus off-road vehicle, causing him to push a commercial flight to Moscow, and then He was accused of participating in too many murders in the early 2000s.

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Vogal’s arrest

The dissatisfied Khabarovsk residents think The arrest was clearly trying to deprive them of democratic choices. On Saturday, tens of thousands of Khabarovsk residents held a rally, the largest protest in the region since the early 1990s.

The 41-year-old census expert Olesya Usolzewa-Zmina said in a telephone interview in Khabarovsk,”He is the only one who began to let this area The reinvigorated governor, the Kremlin is clearly unable to accept him.” She plans to participate in a demonstration for Vogal again this Saturday.

In a phone recording that was leaked last year, you can hear Putin’s representative in the Russian Far East complaining to Vogal that the governor’s approval rating in his area is rising, while President Putin ‘S approval rating is declining.

Vogal’s supporters said that the last straw that crushed him was earlier this month, and Khabarovsk’s nationwide vote on constitutional amendments was only 44%. People participated in the vote, and the amendment allowed Putin to hold office until 2036.

Sergey Mamaev, another protester and 33-year-old event organizer, said of the governor,”I think many people will admit that he may have participated in some So honest thing. But nevertheless, we want our choices to be respected.”

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Khabarovsk’s Popular protests

The public’s outrage has put Zhirinovsky in a dilemma:excessively disturbing the situation will annoy Putin and threaten his political status and the economy it brings interest. So far, he has achieved a compromise-an inspiring defense of Vogal in Parliament, accusing Putin of quietly Stalin-style repression; but he also warned supporters to participate in unauthorized street protests”Only produce negative consequences.”

Politician Kogen Newk said,”In this case, Zhirinovsky cannot fail to join the opposition, but joining the opposition is dangerous, Zhirinovsky First of all, regard his party as an enterprise, so it is difficult for him to break with the authorities.”

The risk facing Zhirinovsky and the Kremlin is that dissatisfaction with the arrest of Vogel may be To benefit even more uncompromising opposition politicians such as Alexei A. Navarny. Navalny’s populism, sometimes nationalist speech, is the same as Zhirinovsky’s speech, reflecting public dissatisfaction. This week, his branch in Khabarovsk has been promoting small-scale street protests.

Usartseva-Zmina said of Zhirinovsky and his Liberal Democratic Party,”They should fight for their own interests more strongly, he needs to take it more seriously His job as a political leader.”

Zrinovsky admitted in an interview with the New York Times on Tuesday that he may lose support. He said that after Vogal took office, the Putin government had tried to get the new governor out of Zhirinovsky’s party.

Zrinovsky said,”This is terrible, who will support a team that always loses?”

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Opposition leader Zhirinovsky

Basic people of Zhirinovs made racist and misogynistic statements and called for Russia to occupy foreign countries Territory is famous. Since the early 1990s, Zhirinovsky has been a frequent visitor to Russian politics. He supported Putin’s recent constitutional amendments and suggested that Putin may become a lifelong leader of Russia.

But in an interview on Tuesday, Zhirinovsky hinted that he was ready to accept Russian boredom from the president. The current presidency will end in 2024. Analysts said that this spring, Putin’s approval rating fell to 59%, the lowest level in 20 years.

Zrinovsky said:”There will definitely be a new president-maybe in 2024, earlier, or in 2028 or 2030. Khabarovsk stated that it cannot Relying on force to do anything can’t win by relying on fraud in elections.”

Russian multi-party system works well for the Kremlin because it smashes votes against Putin. But the protests in Khabarovsk showed that dissatisfaction could unite different groups.

Saturday’s rally attracted people like Vitali Blazevic, 56, who has long criticized Putin. Blazevic taught Russian at a university. He said he thought Zhirinovsky’s remarks were”absolutely unacceptable.”

Brazevich said,”Of course Vogal is not the former Czech President Vaclav Havel (he was also arrested), but where are we going to find Havel? If people shouted ‘ Putin resigns!’Then I will stand with my classmates.’

Russian opposition parties are increasingly dissatisfied because of the central government’s arrest of Governor Vogar

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