US media:The Chinese military is rapidly closing the gap with the US military, but more actual combat experience is needed

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Chinese Army

Everyone knows, The United States is the country with the strongest military strength in the world. Its military strength has always been the first in the world. Even if it was as strong as the Soviet Union, it could not win the United States. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, no country has been able to contain it for a long time. Live in the United States. So can the United States be the only one in the world today? Twenty years ago, this sentence said that there may indeed be no major problems. If it is placed today, although the United States is still very strong, he needs more fear.

Know that it is not only the United States that is developing, other countries are also developing very fast, especially China. China’s development in recent years can almost be described as rapid. Due to the efforts of scientific researchers, some of our weapons have even surpassed the United States. For example, our hypersonic cruise missiles are currently owned by only one country in the world, and all other countries are still in the experimental stage. What progress?

On July 14th, an article was published in the”Inside Business” publication of the US media. The article wrote about China’s military construction achievements in the past 40 years. What is it like?

Chinese army

US media said that China has been fighting against Vietnam since 1979 After the counterattack, its leaders began to regard China’s modern military development as a key development object. After nearly 40 years of development, the modernization efforts of the Chinese army have finally achieved tremendous results. What China has achieved in these 40 years The achievements include military reforms and reduction of the number of personnel to improve the average quality of soldiers. Secondly, the Chinese military has also completely renovated its equipment.

China’s original old weapons and equipment have all been replaced by modern advanced weapons and equipment, such as China’s Type 99 tanks, J-20 fighters, infantry fighting vehicles, military amphibious aircraft, etc. In the past, China often imported advanced Russian military equipment to replace its old equipment, but now most of China’s equipment is developed and manufactured by itself. In the true sense, it has been domestically produced. Missiles, as small as screws, can be made in China.

Not only that, China’s navy is also developing very rapidly. At present, China has the largest number of naval forces in the world, including aircraft carriers, attack ships, nuclear submarines, etc. Most of them can even carry nuclear weapons The fatal blow to the enemy is followed by the speed of shipbuilding that Chinese people are most proud of. China’s shipbuilding speed is the fastest in the world, and no country can match it, not even the United States.


There are also Chinese missiles in recent years China’s attainments on missiles can be said to be unmatched, especially China’s current Dongfeng-21, Dongfeng-26, and Dongfeng-41, and Dongfeng-17 such hypersonic weapons are globally At present, only one country in China possesses such hypersonic weapons in service. Seeing this, many people may have doubts. Is it that the American media specifically commends China?

US military on the battlefield

Actually, this is not the case, the US media said that the Chinese army Although the gap with the US military is rapidly closing, there is an objective problem to be faced with, that is, more actual combat experience is needed. China and the United States are different. It can be said that in the past 40 years, there has not been any very big war in China. After all, we said that to maintain peace, we will resolutely implement it. Unless sovereignty is damaged, we will not attack. But the United States is different. Everyone knows that even now, the United States still has troops stationed around the world, and wars can occur at any time. This is where the United States has its advantages. They have enough actual combat experience, but China does not.

Chinese soldiers in training

That being said, China is currently A lot of effort is spent on actual military exercises. Every year, there are several large-scale military exercises that send a large number of missiles to the launch site to maintain the state of combat. Moreover, in recent years, China has also held international military exercises with Russia, Pakistan, Iran and other countries, and usually”sweat more” to maintain the military’s combat effectiveness. (Doudou)