US, only 2 weeks?

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According to the US Capitol Hill report on the 12th, the US Secretary of Health Jerome Adams said on Sunday that if people abide by the hygiene guidelines and maintain social distances to prevent a potentially fatal new crown With the spread of the virus, the United States can reverse the epidemic in just a few weeks and control the continued outbreak of the new coronavirus.

This article is reproduced from the WeChat public account”Global Times” (ID:hqsbwx). The original text was first published on July 13, 2020. The original title was”United States, only 2 weeks?””, does not represent the view of the think tank.

In an interview with CBS, Adams said,”“As long as everyone does their duty, we can turn things around in two to three weeks. More and more research shows , Wearing a mask has a certain effect fruit.” He also added that the course of the disease is about two to three weeks.

Adams also said:”Like the surge in cases we have seen, if we can allow enough people to wear masks, maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet during activities, do some We know what works, and we can turn things around in two to three weeks. For the American people, it’s important to understand that when we talk about the weakening of the epidemic, as long as people take the right actions, we have the ability to turn around quickly. This situation.”

CBS reporter Margaret Brennan also asked Adams if he regretted what he said in March. At that time, Adams called on Americans to stop buying masks, claiming that wearing masks”has no effect.” Adams replied,”I said that at the time, because before that, our knowledge of the new coronavirus told us that patients are less likely to spread without symptoms. We follow the science and learn more Our advice will change at the time. But when people continue to talk about things 3 or 4 months ago, it is difficult.”

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Adams said that now science shows that asymptomatic carriers can Spread the virus, and wearing a mask is an effective tool to limit the spread of the virus. The US federal guidelines recommend wearing masks, but there are no federal regulations that mandate the use of masks. Many US state and local leaders have ordered that masks be worn in public.

Adams said that the order to wear masks works best at the local and state levels. He believes that federal orders may lead to”excessive law enforcement” issues. He said,”We need people to understand why they want to do this, we need people to understand how they benefit from it. If we just want to enforce it, we must have an enforcement mechanism, and we in the United States are in an excessive law enforcement that causes many people to only The moment when you are killed because of minor violations. This is a very important consideration.”

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Screenshot of some netizens’ comments

For Adams’ remarks in the interview, American netizens made various comments on social media:”If the Secretary of Health admits that his initial response to wearing a mask is a mistake, it will be of great help. And, if he It will be in the best interests of the United States not to downplay and underestimate the threat of the new coronavirus in attitude. 2-3 weeks (reversing the situation) cannot be done.””We have basically returned to the starting point, and the government needs to take responsibility.”Of course, Jerome is also strongly aware that this will never happen, because the whole reason for imposing isolation level restrictions is that we don’t believe people will voluntarily implement these measures.””This guy is really a two-faced faction.” He has exacerbated the confusion that Trump has caused about masks. Officials like him who politicized and copied Trump’s stupid remarks about pandemic-grade viruses are the reason we are still dealing with this nightmare.” “Impossible . Reversing the new crown epidemic situation in a few weeks, like saying, as long as we go all out, we can kill all the flies and ants in Texas.”

According to John Hopkins of the United States According to university data, the United States has reported more than 3.2 million new coronavirus cases. Over the past two weeks, the average daily number of new cases in 43 states has increased.

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