US Senator:The deployment of a small number of warships in the Black Sea by the US military is in the mouth of the tiger and was targeted by the Russian army

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Since NATO’s eastward expansion, NATO’s military power has further squeezed Russia from land to sea. When the old ally Ukraine completely turned to the west, the situation on the Black Sea was even more unfavorable. In order to ensure their estuary and important military port in the south, the Russian soldiers occupied Crimea with no blood. Of course, this cannot change the fact that the West Bank of the Black Sea is already within the sphere of influence of NATO, but regardless of the situation, the tough Russian army will never show weakness.

Russian military experts said that in fact the US military’s warships in Romania have exceeded the provisions of the”Montreux Convention”. As we all know, the estuary connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean is only a narrow road like the Dardanelles in Turkey. The sovereignty of the strait is owned by Turkey. Historically, in order to have the right to go to sea, European countries, Russia, and Turkey have engaged in heated disputes and even met with each other. The”Montreux Convention” signed in 1936 stipulates that commercial ships of all countries have the right to freely cross the strait in peacetime and wartime. Normally, warships of countries along the Black Sea can freely pass through the strait. Non-local warships are restricted from passing through the strait. The displacement of warships passing through the same period cannot exceed 15,000 tons. The warships staying in the Black Sea do not exceed 30,000 tons, and the stay time does not exceed 21 days. Obviously, the US Navy’s multiple operations have exceeded the scope of this regulation.

The picture shows a US warship

Even many US senators and Politicians agree that there is no point in increasing the military presence of the US military in the Black Sea. Even without considering the mighty Russian military forces in Crimea and Novorossiysk, since the aircraft carrier battle group has no possibility of entering the Black Sea, The deployment of a few other warships is nothing more than a sheep’s entrance, and was targeted by the Russian army. Of course, the troops stationed in Europe and the United States will naturally not easily recognize their strategic disadvantages. Some senior US military officers told Congress that although the Russian army has deployed a huge anti-ship missile force in the Black Sea, the Russian army’s backward warships and reconnaissance forces are not effective. To find ultra-long-range targets. In the absence of advanced early warning aircraft and reconnaissance aircraft, the Russian army’s anti-ship combat power will be greatly reduced. The caliber deployed by the Russian army in Crimea, Agate, Uranus anti-ship missile covers a range of 100-500 kilometers, plus Black Sea FleetThe launchers on ships of all sizes, old and new, the Ukrainian side estimates that the Russian army has the ability to fire more than 120 anti-ship missiles at once. Such fierce firepower even the carrier battle group is helpless, not to mention the small other ships.

For such remarks, Russian military experts unabashedly There was a mockery. Crimea is only more than 300 kilometers from Romania’s east coast and 500 kilometers from the Dardanian Strait. Even considering the influence of the curvature of the earth, these areas are completely within the 24-hour surveillance range of the Russian army. With the introduction of new large-scale drones, the Russian reconnaissance force has been significantly strengthened, not to mention the ubiquitous Russian submarines underwater. For many years, compared to the vast territorial waters of the Russian territory, the Black Sea is just a small pond in front of the Russian army, and the Russian army knows everything about it. Therefore, the self-confidence of the US military still retains the fooling of the Capitol, and it is better to entertain yourself.

But the verbal confrontation between the United States and Russia is still given to others More inspiration from the country. Although all countries are developing regional refusal capabilities, this does not mean that their surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities have also kept pace. If the position of the other party cannot be determined immediately, no matter how powerful the force is, it will become empty talk. Taking China as an example, the coastline of the East China Sea is roughly 500 kilometers away from the island chain, and the South China Sea is still vast. Surveillance of such a huge territorial sea is by no means an easy task. Fortunately, with the launch of a large number of new early warning aircraft, patrol aircraft, large drones, and supersonic drones in China, China is forming its own perfect reconnaissance and surveillance system. Coupled with the assistance of the satellite system, it is enough to ensure that the other warship is not allowed to step into the territorial sea. (Military fish)