US”quasi-aircraft carrier” burns for two days and causes 61 injuries

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Picture:Associated Press

Overseas Network, July 15th, US Navy”Good Man Richard” The amphibious assault ship has been burning for more than 48 hours since the explosion on July 12 and caused 61 injuries. US Rear Admiral Philip Sobek said at a news conference on the 14th local time that the attack ship is in stable condition and firefighters are expected to put out the fire in the next 24 hours.

Based on USA Today and CNN news, Sobek said on the 14th that although the fire on the”Good Man Richard” is still burning, firefighters have made”significant progress” in fire fighting.”The situation of this amphibious assault ship is very stable. There is no threat of fire in the storage tank loaded with about 1 million gallons of fuel. We are still actively extinguishing fire from multiple points inside and outside.”

Sobek also mentioned By now, at least 61 people have been slightly injured in the incident. The causes of injury include heat stroke and smoke inhalation. At present, firefighters are extinguishing two large fires of the”Good Man Richard”, one in the front and one in the stern. The senior navy official mentioned that the blaze is expected to be extinguished within the next 24 hours, and the damage assessment must not be carried out until the blaze is extinguished.

The”Good Man Richard” is a”quasi-aircraft carrier” with a full-load displacement of 40,000 tons, Serviced in 1998, rated crew up to 1200 people, can carry up to 16 F-35B vertical take-off and landing stealth fighters or 22 MV-22 helicopters, and a 1200-person US Marine Corps Amphibious Expeditionary Unit (MEU). The US media said that the fire caused huge losses to the US Navy, and it may take years to repair the ship and put it back into service.

Source:Overseas Network