Victoria’s Secret Supermodel has no belly button! So how did she become one of the highest-paid models?

By yqqlm yqqlm

In the past two years, the Wei Mi catwalk has repeatedly appeared on the hot search list, but no matter how hot, the glory of that year is not expected to return to the public’s vision in a short time.

Most people still look forward to the Victoria’s Secret show, Not to mention that the underwear is not luxurious enough, but the model’s figure alone can attract the attention of a large number of audiences.

The vision of Victoria’s secret selection models is particularly toxic, and they value it most Is your style distinct? In particular, Carolina Kokova, abbreviated &34;kk&34;. No. 1 in the world, has no navel eyes Because of its unique physiological advantages, Wei’s supermodel was spotted by Wei Mi.

Kk suffered from congenital abdominal fissure from birth The lesions, although improved by surgery, she no longer has a navel. Carolina Kokuva never felt inferior because she didn’t have a navel, but she bravely made an underwear model and boldly exposed her physical defects. We can see that in every photo, Carolina Kokuva is confident A strong smile.

This woman without a navel has also successfully made Victoria Secret Supermodel, later known as &34;the world’s sexiest woman&34;, the reason why Carolina lived so successfully and smartly, this is definitely inseparable from her strict self-disciplined lifestyle.

1. Drink more water

Women are gentle as water, if you want to keep floating Beautiful and bright, inseparable from the nourishment of water. As you can see in the related recipes, when a woman reaches adulthood, her body’s water intake must reach 1,500 ml. Especially after getting up in the morning, a cup of warm water every day can clean our intestines and promote intestinal peristalsis. If you continue for a long time, you can improve the problem of poor stool. So we have to drink more water and drink plenty of water.

Body drinking After being saturated with water, it is not only good for the body, but also our skin will become tender and tender. The internal hydration is the most stable method of skin moisture, and it can often accelerate the body’s metabolism rate, which is beneficial to toxins excreted from the body , This will not have a detoxifying effect, the skin will become whiter and whiter.

2. Stay up late

If you stay up late often, observe carefully and you will find the body The endocrine system will be disrupted, and this series of effects will follow. Like rough yellowish skin and lack of luster, these are small things. Girls who often stay up late are more prone to acne and pimples. Women must remember that staying up late is the biggest natural enemy of beauty. So if you want to be beautiful, you must not stay up late~~

We want to maintain a good habit of going to bed early, it is best to lie in bed after 10:30, this period is when the body is the strongest in the elimination of melanin and toxins, early sleep every day can help to eliminate melanin, In the long run, not only the skin will become more and more white and shiny, but also the mental state will be improved. If you want to improve the quality of sleep, you can choose to drink a glass of milk before bed and apply a mask with hot water to help you fall asleep easily.

3. Eat less sweets

Although dopamine is secreted when eating desserts, it makes people happy. But the sugar in the dessert can also dissolve the collagen in the body. If you often eat sweets, people will look old and the small fine lines on the face will gradually increase. In addition, the chemical reaction between sugar and collagen will also make the skin loose, which is not conducive to the elimination of acne, but will increase the growth of acne. Women who love sweets should pay special attention.

For women who often eat sweets, you can slowly reduce their consumption The frequency of desserts, gradually improve your bad habits, eat more fruits and vegetables containing dietary fiber, use a variety of vitamins to supplement the body’s energy, improve the body’s immunity, but also good for our body.

4. Eat less salt

For people with heavy taste, less When you eat salt, your food will become bland. But if the body consumes too much salt, there will be a series of complications. Such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, etc. are common. For women who pursue beauty and fashion, if you eat too much salt, the skin will become more and more relaxed, the wrinkles on the face will increase significantly, and it will also accelerate the aging of the skin, so we must remember when eating Put less salt.

In order not to put a heavy burden on the body and delay aging, When we cook, we can put less salt and other seasonings, and can be replaced with soy sauce, which not only enriches the taste of food, but also benefits our body and makes the skin slower.

5. Exercise more

Fitness and exercise every day is the most cost-effective maintenance method . The editor recommends that everyone do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, whether running or skipping rope, try to make yourself move, not only can speed up the blood circulation, make our faces look red, but also tighten our skin , To resist the speed of aging, so that our figure looks young and energetic.

Editor After sharing these good habits, if you persevere, it will definitely benefit your body and skin. I hope we can all have a life of counterattack like Carolina Kokova. What are your good habits, remember to leave a message.