Visiting the plateau of”Guardian of the Border” and insisting:”I have a place where I can help”

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Sun Chao, the”Guardian of the Border,” cultivated giant radishes in a greenhouse in the Pamirs. Photograph by Yang Tao

“The Guardian of the Frontier” Sun Chao cultivated giant radishes in a greenhouse in the Pamirs. Photo by Yang Tao

China News Network Kashgar, Xinjiang, July 15th (Zhu Jingchao, Hu Jiachen, Zhang Huan) At 8:30 Beijing time, the Xinjiang Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection General Station Hong Qilafu Sun Chao, a civilian police officer at the border entry and exit checkpoint, came to the chicken coop as usual, and began to rinse, feed, and pick up eggs.”I am very happy, now I can harvest more than 240 eggs every day.”

“Sun Chao Planting and Breeding Area” at the foot of Karakorum Mountain, more than 30 kinds of vegetables are grown in 8 vegetable greenhouses. Poultry such as pigeons, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl can be seen here.

Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County (hereinafter referred to as Taxian County) is located on the Pamirs Plateau, with an average altitude of 4000 meters, year-round The frost-free period is less than 60 days, and the oxygen content of the air is less than half of the plain. 20 years ago, the land was mostly covered with gravel. Vegetable sheds everywhere on the plain, it was not easy to create a”green miracle” in the”life restricted area”.

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Sun Chao and his comrades study vegetable cultivation together. Photo by Yang Tao

Overcoming key planting technologies to help herders build 100 sheds

In 1996, Sun Chao joined the army from Hebei and came to the Pamirs to do logistics Security work. At that time, vegetables and other daily necessities were transported from Kashi City nearly 300 kilometers away to the mountain, which was not only expensive but also difficult to keep fresh. Seeing that his comrades could not eat fresh vegetables, lack of vitamins, and cracked lips, he made up his mind to solve the problem of difficulty in eating vegetables.

In 1998, the first plastic greenhouse was built in the station.”At that time, I went to work during the day, I turned on the lights with my comrades at night, and dug away the stones in the yard one by one. I dug 60 cm underground and pulled the soil from dozens of kilometers away. Filling the ground, hands often rub and bleed.”

Poor natural environment and no planting experience, for a long time, Sun Chao and his comrades failed to grow fresh vegetables. In order to find the right temperature for growing vegetables, they sleep in a greenhouse, set up a stove every day, monitor the temperature, measure the ground temperature, and measure the acid and alkali. As long as he heard of any vegetable cultivation experts, Sun Chao would write to ask for advice, and also use the annual family visit leave to learn cultivation techniques in the interior.

In 2003, Sun Chao concluded the”Nutrition Bowl Seedling Transplanting Method”, using waste newspapers to raise seedlings, greatly improving the survival rate of seedlings, and using a heated hot water boiler to build a geothermal greenhouse. The outdoor temperature reaches minus 35 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in the shed can also be maintained at 15 degrees Celsius, which solves the key technology of growing vegetables in cold regions. After that, he turned his attention to breeding, and now the breeding area is already in groups of chickens and ducks. The food on the comrade’s table is getting richer and healthier.

Since 2003, the first greenhouse was built in Dabudal Township, a remote township of the county, to help herders develop plateau vegetable cultivation. Sun Chao has built more than 100 so far, helping herders get rid of poverty and increase income.

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Every morning, Sun Chao rinses, feeds, and picks up eggs in the hen house. Photo by Yang Tao

“For many years I have not seen my wife wearing a summer dress”

When the reporter recently interviewed in Taxian County, it was Sun Chao’s father On his birthday, at 21 o’clock that day, his wife Zhang Yonghui and his video call, Sun Chao expressed his blessings to his father:”Happy father’s birthday, I am very good here, please rest assured.”

“So many years, The annual family visit is winter. I have never seen my wife put on a summer skirt. I used to see beautiful skirts in Kashi and bought them for her to send back. She took a photo and sent them. Now she can often video and see her family.”He is very grateful for his wife’s understanding and support.”

Pamir gave up a huge amount of decommissioning fees

In 2018, the former public security frontier troops were collectively transferred to the National Immigration Administration, Sun Chao as a firm The longest veteran on the plateau can return to his hometown in Hebei with a considerable demobilization fee. He can still find a good job with his skills, but he chose to stay. He said,”Here is my place to use force.”

“The environment here is tough, and the body pays a lot.” He said,”When I came to the border checkpoint at the age of 17, I was still a blank paper, and now the blank paper is full of growth footprints. There is no way to give up here.”

“Someday you will leave Pamir, what will you do?” He asked the reporter,”I will not give up, but I can also do some filial piety for the elderly .”

“Guardian of the Frontier” is a versatile talent

At 23 o’clock every day, logistics expert Sun Chao reads books to study and prepares for business transformation . At present, he has mastered the business process of border inspection and is able to carry out business operations.

The director of Hongqirap’s entry-exit border checkpoint Wang Xianlei said that Hongqirap’s entry-exit border checkpoint has a glorious tradition. Every policeman follows Sun Chao as an example and sticks to the plateau and dedicate Youth, for the country’s border, outstandingly complete the task of border entry and exit inspection.

On June 17, 2020, Sun Chao was awarded the title of”Bianbian Guard” by the Political and Legal Committee of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. (End)