Vogel:Both JR and Waiters are in good shape. Pop is an important part of the Lakers’ success this year.

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=a4c90b231135e6e955882fb877f569e8 - Vogel:Both JR and Waiters are in good shape. Pop is an important part of the Lakers’ success this year.

Live it on July 7th Today, Lakers coach Vogel accepted an online interview after training. In the interview, he talked about JR-Smith, Waiters and Pop.

Talking about the current training situation of the whole team, Vogel said:”It is still individual training, team training has not been allowed to open. The current idea of ​​the coaching staff is to help the players maintain their status, try their best. Avoid injuries and keep them in their best condition before going to Orlando.”

Talking about whether they are worried about the safety of Orlando’s rematch, Vogel said:”No worries, I believe Orlando’s closed zone will be closed by then. Will be one of the safest places in the world.”

Speaking of new aid JR-Smith, Vogel said:”Looking at his training, it is clear that he has not relaxed at all before training. , Body and condition are kept very good. After watching him playing, I realized that his nickname is’Swish (beautiful, onomatopoeia, meaning JR is very light-hearted)’ for a reason, I think he really can Help the team.”

Speaking of Waiters, Vogel said:”Yesterday he showed a very good shooting state during training, and he also worked very hard in his work. He and JR is just as good, but their problems are the same, because they haven’t played in the confrontation for a long time, so they may have some physical problems, but their talents are obvious.”

Vogalda then praised Pop:”I am a super fan of Pop. He contributed a very good defense to the Lakers this year. Thanks to the team’s defensive performance so well this year, thanks to Pop Pu. He is an important part of our success this year. Pop has played very well this year, especially in the absence of Bradley At that time, he was well placed and played a wonderful game. Pope was a bit tepid at the beginning of the season, but after a slow warm-up, he became the best in the team. One of the guys. In my opinion, he works harder than anyone.”

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