“We go to Disney not just to play basketball, but to fight for the championship”

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Like other NBA teams, Walkers is also trying to push the NBA to restart. Fortunately, head coach Nate McMillan knows very well how to go further in the Orlando Disney Park rematch.

In 2006, the U.S. basketball team won only a disappointing third place in the FIBA ​​World Championship that year. Therefore, before the start of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, K coach called all employees and players to discuss how they can be guaranteed this time gold medal.

K coach tells everyone:”Every training, every game. We only have 35 days to prepare, shouldn’t we cherish every day? ?”

At the time, it was Cameron Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Nate McMillan. McMillan was then the Portland Trail Blazers then the head coach and assistant coach of the US basketball team. When it was his turn to speak, he told the players that the most important thing is communication-communication and teamwork.

A few weeks ago, as the NBA’s rematch plan began, McMee called Coach K. The two Pacers and Blue Devils coaches recalled their time together from 2006 to 2012, and how they guided the US team to win the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. For McMillan, there are many similarities between the Orlando game and the Olympics. The players will stay away from home, train with teammates, play together, and fight to win the championship.

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McMillan said:”It’s very similar to the Olympics. We can’t treat it like a regular season, we don’t have that much time. We have to play a high level of basketball in about three weeks. Prepare hard, and then we will have eight warm-up matches, followed by the competition for the champion.”

For McMillan, between the Olympics and Orlando rematch The obvious difference is the lineup of players he has.

The Pacers developed a game plan before the game and divided the NBA campaign into three different stages. The first stage was a game without All-Star guard Victor Oladipo. Victor Oladipo suffered a quadriceps rupture in January 2019 and is still in the recovery phase of treatment. The second stage is Oladipo’s return to the team, gradually returning to the level of the game before the injury. The third stage is a fully restored Oladipo, helping the team advance to the playoffs.

The bad news is that the Pacers’ plan is only in the second phase. Oladipo did participate in 13 games before the NBA lockout, but he has announced that he will not participate in the Orlando game. The good news is that in the first stage, even without Oladipo, the Pacers played very well.

During the absence of Oladipo, the Pacers averaged 7 players with double-digit scoring, and proved himself by using Oladipo’s absence. . Malcolm Brogdon traded with the Bucks to the Pacers last summer. The floor ball became more prosperous, averaging 16.3 points and 7.1 assists per game. In Milwaukee’s three seasons, he has never averaged more than 4.2 assists per game. If Brogdon fully recovers from the new crest virus (Wednesday’s tweet indicates that he has recovered), the Pacers’ offense will continue to deter opponents.

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Despite Jeremy Lamb’s absence this season due to a left knee injury, TJ Warren and Justin Holiday have grown into a solid two-wing combination (Warren averaged 18.7 points per game, Is the team’s main scorer). Centers Domantas Sabonis and Miles Turner finally began to find a tacit understanding of cooperation. In many rounds, when Turner attacked at the 4th position, Sabonis attacked at the 5th position, and then changed defense.

McMillan said:”Some people think that we let two big players play floor ball will become our disadvantage, but in fact, no one Can break through them. If we need to play small ball tactics, we can let Warren or Justin come to play at position 4. However, if we want to play big ball, then not many players can compete with our two big big low players.

There is no doubt that this team is developing tactics around Oladipo. But it turned out that without him, they could also succeed-before Oladipo returned, the Pacers rose to sixth in the Eastern Conference with a large score of 30-17 in the regular season.

When Oladipo returned, the Pacers regrouped tactics around him. However, in his first seven games, the Pacers were 1-6. Oladipo never seems to find the game, but he is gradually recovering. In the last seven games before the offseason, the team recorded 6 wins and 1 loss.

Kevin Pritchard, the team’s president, said in a statement:”The first priority in the future is Oladipo’s return to health, and we look forward to Let him return in full blood in the 2020-21 season. For our team, there are no key players like Oladi and Jeremy, this is not the first time this has happened. In the face of adversity, our team There is always firm determination and confidence, and this will be the same. We are full of confidence in achieving good results in Orlando.”

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For McMillan, the walkers face such an unusual The season is like a repetition of his experience on the American basketball team.

For many players, the Olympics are more tiring because the Olympics usually take place during the offseason. The players are training hard and fighting for their country’s honor instead of enjoying the offseason. In this case, although the players have been repaired for a while, how to maintain physical fitness is still a problem.

McMillan believes that there is little preparation time, and the schedule between games is so tight, the team’s physical fitness may be in the playoffs The key factor to distinguish the team. In a sense, the injuries that have plagued the Pacers throughout the season may eventually allow them to go further in the playoffs, because the injuries have given players more recovery and rest.

McMillan said:”The new crown pneumonia has disrupted the NBA game. There has never been such a thing before, nobody has experienced it, nobody knows what to do. We Never played in August, let alone in the playoffs. It’s unprecedented for everyone—NBA, players, coaches—in this unexpected time, unexpected situation , Maybe the result of the game will be unexpected.”

For the Pacers, this may be exactly what they need. In each of the past four seasons, they have lost in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Their goal this year is to win the first round. Despite many changes in the past few months, winning the first round is still a top priority for the Pacers.

McMillan said:”Our goal is still to do better than last year, which means to win the first round of competition. Our near-term goal is Go to Orlando to keep our players healthy and give ourselves a chance to play. We are working hard to win the game, this is our first goal. We go there not only to play basketball, we are to win the championship .”

At the Beijing Olympics, it was this attitude of dedication to winning that gave the US team a gold medal. Soon, McMillan and the Pacers will know whether this determination will also help Orlando’s game.