Welcome US troops? The ambitions of the pro-Americans in Vietnam can’t hide this time

By yqqlm yqqlm

If you have to use one sentence to describe the way the United States pulls in and pressures other countries, there should be no more suitable than &34; carrot and stick & 34;-give the other party some sweetness first, if not Accept, that is, military containment and economic sanctions, until the opponent is forced to completely compromise.

According to”Voice of Vietnam” reported on July 13, the United States has decided that it will work hard to complete the military objectives of &34;garrison in Vietnam&34; to complete the layout as soon as possible, the White House has repeatedly Urge Vietnam to lease Cam Ranh Bay to the United States as a military base.

I have to mention that while throwing olive branches at Vietnam, the US Navy has held successive military exercises in the Philippine waters. Duterte also tore up the arms agreement with Russia and turned to the US Submit arms orders worth US$2 billion. The United States also deliberately told Modi that if the Indian army had a need for weapons, it would only need to list it and hand it over to the White House, and the United States would try to solve the problem for the Indian army.

Obviously, at this time, the United States has drawn Vietnam, the Philippines and In New Delhi, the only way is to better contain opponents.

Vietnamese pro-American factions can’t hide their ambitions because of America’s sensation.

Vietnamese pro-US forces believe that if they can accept the US military, Vietnam can use its strength to complete the pressure on the northern powers, and at sea, Vietnam can also increase the chips with the opponent’s wrench wrist . In addition, as long as Vietnam submits its title to the United States, the United States will more or less vote for Vietnam. In the economic field, Vietnam can also take the US ride-the US economic investment will continue to come.

Vietnamese pro-American forces wishful thinking that welcoming US troops to Cameron Bay is a good move that can not only pressure opponents, but also help Vietnam move towards the world, how can it be missed?

However, in Vietnam, which is wary of the United States From the military’s point of view, leasing Cam Ranh Bay to the U.S. military is tantamount to attracting wolves to enter the house-over time, the United States will definitely ask Vietnam for protection fees, and Cam Ranh Bay will never return-the United States will turn &34; lease &34; into &34 ; Occupies &34;. At that time, Vietnam will inevitably become the second South Korea-under the pressure of the United States, Vietnam will gradually lose its military initiative. Therefore, it is absolutely undesirable to accept US troops.

Similar to the views of the Vietnamese military, there are also most Vietnamese people. The US-Vietnam War, which lasted for 20 years in the last century, let the Vietnamese people find that if Vietnam wants to have the right to speak internationally, they must never accept the US military like Japan and South Korea-the lesson of Japan and South Korea is there, Vietnam The tragedy must not be repeated.

For now, the pro-American forces are Vietnam’s political power should not be underestimated, but there are also many Vietnamese politicians who do not want Vietnam to become a forerunner and cash machine for the United States. Therefore, whether the US military can successfully settle in Cam Ranh Bay is temporarily unknown. But what is certain is that if the United States succeeds, Vietnamese pro-Americans will most likely take the opportunity to enter Hanoi. At that time, Vietnam’s best result is to become the second South Korea. If Vietnam is in chaos, the second Syria Will appear.

In the process of adjusting its foreign strategy, the result of a one-game move is often a full loss. Vietnam has to think clearly about whether to fall to the United States. After all, there is no regret medicine in the world to buy.