What good friendship lasts forever? Why would Pakistan Railway prefer to buy second-hand F16 from the United States rather than buy J-10?

By yqqlm yqqlm

With the continuous progress of science and technology, all countries think that they can possess the ability to independently develop weapons and equipment, but the reality is often far from ideal. Therefore, when a country needs more excellent weapons and equipment to expand its military power but cannot satisfy itself, it can only be achieved by purchasing weapons and equipment from other countries. Looking at the current international arms sales market, although China is a rising star, its performance in the military industry market in recent years has also been well received. One of its labels is”good quality and low price.” However, when it comes to the sale of equipment, there is one thing that many military fans do not want to understand. That is our Pakistani Railway. Why did you prefer to buy the second-hand F16 from the United States instead of buying my country’s J-10 fighter when buying a fighter? What about the good friendship between China and Pakistan?

In fact, what is certain is that this matter does not mean that there is a problem with the friendship between China and Pakistan. After all, country-to-state exchanges do not mean that they do not consider their own development of a single cooperation with a friendly country, but that they should integrate with the actual situation. This is the reason for the purchase of second-hand F16. First of all, although China and Pakistan have cooperated in the development of Fierce Dragon fighters, Pakistan has already cooperated in the procurement of F16 fighters, so China has a relatively complete F16 logistics system. In contrast, continuing to buy F16 can reduce many subsequent troubles.

Although from the perspective of the fighter itself, a brand new J-10Z fighter can be used longer than the second-hand F16, but since it is a brand new fighter, the price will be much higher. And as a logistics system not previously available, if Pakistan Railway chooses the J-10, not only will it spend more money on the purchase of fighters, but also need to establish a new fighter post-support system. This series has undoubtedly increased the burden on the Pakistani government whose economic conditions are not so optimistic. And from the perspective of the fighter itself, the F16 has participated in a lot of actual combat, and the actual combat ability is undoubted. This is also one of the advantages considered by Pakistan.

Of course, it is certain that the Sino-Pakistani friendship will not be affected by the purchase of fighters this time. Looking at the overall situation, it is a win-win result for Pakistan to spend less money on more effective things. After all, such a major event as the development of a country’s military power cannot be measured unilaterally only by the friendship with whom.