What is the difference between good heels and cheap ones?

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A teacher from a modeling school said:a good pair of high heels, The heel is fixed by clamping the sides of the heel, and all heels are not polished; the foot is fixed by a small socket between the sole of the foot and the arch of the foot, so the front does not squeeze the foot

Christian Louboutin red Although the soles are good-looking, they dare to wear red soles to squeeze the bus and subway. Although Rene Caovilla’s luxurious face value bursts into the table, it is not suitable for daily wear…Big brands may have good workmanship and face value, but they are not suitable for ordinary people’s daily wear, and the wear and tear may be serious.

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Big brands have never been synonymous with the comfort of high-heeled shoes, spokesmen for face value and fashion trends, and small brands are not synonymous with quality , But a representative of ordinary people. Although the big brands of Tucao have psychological comfort, they also objectively reflect the gap between big brands and ordinary people. Shoes, like skin care products, are best for you.

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The general analysis difference is:according to psychological feeling, big names are more superior; wearing comfort is calculated according to probability, big names are higher than messy brands ; According to the shoemaking process, the process is excellent, the comfort is good, the life is long, no matter how many manual ingredients, the workmanship is very important; according to the face value, European and American brands are generally better-looking than domestic ones!

Although the comfort of high heels has a certain relationship with the brand, each brand has its own characteristics in terms of comfort, but seriously, it is mainly related to the last, the material, and the shape of the individual’s feet. Although big brands have enough ability to make shoe lasts more suitable for the general public, use more comfortable materials, and have the ability to make better-looking appearance styles, but this may not be the case in reality. For example, CL Master never thinks that making shoes is very comfortable is a piece Good thing…

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The quality of foreign fast fashion brands led by ZARA is generally poor in workmanship, poor in quality, and occasionally has good shoes or materials Good workmanship is rough, there are also good work and materials, the price is definitely much higher than other shoes of the same brand, more than insufficient.

Unknown low-priced shoes sold online are generally plagiarized and copycat and use poor materials and poor workmanship.

Conservatively speaking, the daily price is certainly not good at less than 200 yuan. The probability of encountering good shoes between 300 yuan and 500 yuan is very low. From 500 yuan to 800 yuan, it depends on the conscience of the business. Above 800 yuan, you can’t do comfort and coexistence with the face value, not the spent RMB. Despite the brand pursuit, many big brands are still online, and small brands with good quality and well-known domestic brands still need to improve their independent innovation and design.

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High-heeled shoes have a lot of contact, it is a bit difficult to make it clear through an answer, after all, each person’s foot shape is different, and the shoe is not acceptable same. In short, it is still based on their own choice of foot type and choice of brand according to their own experience. Most people will decisively discard hundreds of dollars of shoes when they are able to buy large-brand shoes.

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