When life is down, remember these words

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Pushkin said:“If life deceives you, don’t hesitate or indignant! Tolerate when you are not happy, believe, happy days will come!”

No one knows, tomorrow or accident, which one comes first, don’t guess, the one who should come will come, the one who should go will go. Life needs to be grasped by yourself, but for many things, I am really powerless.

Everything is destined, no one can help. Everyone’s destiny cannot be determined by himself. Even if you work hard enough, you still have to rely on God’s will. There are too many things that cannot be changed. If you can accept it, your heart will be strong, and your destiny will”follow the trend.”

The ups and downs are the life, everyone has the time to encounter the trough. Some people regard the trough as a rising place, some complain about life in the trough, and others lie down and never want to get up again.

When you lose your life, remember these words and you will get better! Prosperity and adversity are actually easy things, the key is to adjust the mentality.

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1 . Now that the”wood has become a boat”, learn to accept it.

In the past, everything has become a foregone conclusion, but you have always been grudged about it, you are looking for fault. You are desperately unable to return to the past, you can only look forward. Time will not go backwards, nor will it wait for you.

My classmate Zhang Dawei, who started a processing plant last year, has just started to improve, but because he could not acquire raw materials, he lost two months in a row. The workers have left and he is sitting in the processing. In front of the factory, we couldn’t help crying. Last month, goodbye Zhang Dawei, he said:”I now open a gourmet restaurant, you are welcome to sit down.” I can see that he has put the pain of past failures aside and started again.

As the saying goes:”The east gate does not open, the west gate opens.” Failure is the past, not the present, nor the future. If you are addicted to it, you are a fool. Accept the past to change the future; if you can’t accept the past, your mood will be bad and defeated by the bad things of the past.

2. Since”can’t hide”, then you must go daringly.

Blessing is not a curse, it is a curse to avoid! Many things, you just go around and can’t get around. For example, you are going to the other side of the river. You walked along the river bank for dozens of kilometers without seeing a bridge. Then if you want to cross the river, either swim or build a boat. Don’t wait for others to build bridges on the banks of the river. You will be disappointed when you wait around.

Everyone must be prepared for failure, and when life is at a low point, it will not be so uncomfortable. Failure is a process. It doesn’t matter if it’s passed.

The real powerhouses are people who are born in desperate circumstances. You have fallen into a desperate situation, but you actually encountered an opportunity. It’s like a tree that has fallen leaves in winter, the trunk is smooth and lifeless. When a spring breeze blew, the trees awoke and became vigorous and upward. The extremely cold weather created a tree that flourished, didn’t it?

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3 . Now that you have”brows”, try to toss and stick your teeth.

A person, the more self-discipline, the more successful. Many people are unsuccessful, not without hard work, but not hard enough. For example, you chose to open a clothing store, but you planted a heel, so you become a debt-ridden person. But if you think about it for a long time, you are blessed by misfortune, because you have gained experience and lessons, and you have found a way in the clothing industry. If you continue to work hard and adjust the direction properly, you will have a firm foothold in the apparel industry.

Some things already have signs, and the momentum is gratifying, please be sure to seize the opportunity and fight a beautiful turnaround. Don’t give up halfway, don’t say you can’t, don’t ignore the jealousy of others.

When life is down, only tossing over and over again will be rewarding. A person who can swim is actually tossing in the water before he really floats up; a person who knows good food actually has more time to deal with good food, and understands the trick.”No other, but familiar”, any industry, as long as you persist, you will have results, nothing but practice makes perfect.

4. Since”not dependent”, it is all on your own.

Fengshengshui, rely on yourself! This year, the more you are down, the less nobody will help you. No one sees you, but some people want you to get better. Society is very realistic. If you want to get help from others, you have to be valuable. The best friends help each other and are evenly matched.

My old colleague Li Meijun, after resigning from a public institution, invested in a gravel yard. As a result, the sales were not wide, leading to his own loss of life. He borrowed money from relatives and friends, formed a construction team, and contracted the project. In this way, he could not only sell gravel, but also make an extra sum of money. But relatives and friends didn’t believe him, and some relatives said coldly:”On your own, would you like to be a big boss in this life?”

Li Meijun turned to the gravel yard for help without help . His main job now is to build scaffolding, and his construction team has changed from three or four people to more than twenty people. The road ahead is still long, but he did not give up.

On your own, you won’t lose. When life is down, don’t stretch out your hand and ask for it everywhere. Work with both hands, think more and learn more.

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5 . Since”no one understands himself”, learn to be silent.

When life is down, no one understands you, maybe no one is willing to talk to you. You and your spouse talk about your mood, but your spouse still complains that you are”too poor”; what you and your parents can’t help you, they get old and can’t control that much; you and your friends talk, most of them are friends Say some truth, comfort you a few words casually.

In life, the person who knows you best is yourself.”Silent is gold”, when you don’t expect others to understand you, you will reflect on yourself. There are thousands of ways in life. The way you go is different from others. There are sorrow, joy, success and failure all along the way. Whether the mood is good or bad, if you can bear it, the mood will be full of sunshine.

Don’t tell anyone about one’s suffering, one’s wound, one’s mood, one’s failure, and future plans. Hold your breath, move forward silently, and believe that the future, no matter how long the night, will usher in the dawn.

Failure or success is an angle. The reason why you are suffering is because the angle is wrong. If you change the angle, your mood will suddenly become brighter.

How wide the heart is and how wide the road is; there is sunshine in the heart and life is not desolate.

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