When will the four new aids be announced? Shenhua undergoes nucleic acid test today

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With the final date of the Chinese Super League’s new season, the Chinese Football Association will hold a general manager meeting of the club this week to further discuss the specific system of the league, the rules for the use of foreign aid and the promotion and demotion. At the previous league mobilization meeting, the president of the Football Association, Chen Xuyuan, reiterated the importance of epidemic prevention to the participants, and required the clubs to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations.

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In the anti-epidemic program, the Football Association requires teams to arrive one week in advance, that is, at least before July 18 to reach the division. After each team arrives in the competition area, a nucleic acid test is also required. All clubs must provide the Football Association with a self-made nucleic acid test result within 7 days before arriving at the zone. Only players with negative nucleic acid tests are allowed to go to the competition area. Today, the Shanghai Shenhua team will conduct a nucleic acid test. After 24 hours, Shenhua will get a test report. After waiting to enter the competition area, the team will also undergo nucleic acid testing at a weekly frequency.

After Shenhua arrives in Dalian, the team will strictly follow the requirements for closed management. The team’s logistics department has been actively preparing materials and equipment for less than two months. The players can only act in the three points and one line at the hotel, stadium and training ground, and cannot have any contact with the outside world. All team members are not allowed to go out and are not allowed to contact unrelated personnel. In order to cope with the closed life afterwards, the team members are also beginning to make a shopping list to bring their own supplies, in order to ease the psychological pressure in the tight schedule. In addition, the Football Association will also arrange a psychiatrist for the players to ease the psychological suffering caused by the players after the closure.

According to the current plan, Shanghai Shenhua will still prepare for the final stage at the Kangqiao base. The team has recently determined two warm-up matches for the final stage of preparation. On July 10, Shanghai Shenhua will play against Kunshan FC; on July 18, Shenhua will play a warm-up match with Beijing Guoan.

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Since the training base where Guoan was before was in a high-risk area, the team moved to Xianghe training base after nucleic acid detection for safety reasons. Because Guoan’s foreign aid and foreign teachers return to the team late, Guoan may compete with Shenhua in the all-Chinese team’s lineup. Even so, the strength is still not to be underestimated. As far as Shenhua is concerned, this is also the team’s strongest comprehensive opponent since winter training. The game’s process and results will be of great reference value.

In June, Shenhua played a total of two warm-up matches. In the end, Shenhua defeated the Yellow Sea 2-1 and won Nantong Zhiyun 2-1. The team’s preparation work is gradually getting better. During the game, the head coach Cui Kangxi gave almost all players a certain amount of performance opportunities to test the training during the six-month offseason Results. The South Korean coach arranged more than two sets of lineups for Shenhua, which increased the strength of the team to a certain extent.

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Cui Kangxi can dispatch soldiers so freely, naturally cannot do without the club’s previous recruitment work. During the winter window, Shenhua successfully introduced seven players. After the summer transfer window opens on July 2nd, Shenhua can continue to handle various player transfer matters and replace foreign aid candidates. Among them, three players from Tianjin Tianhai, Yang Xu, Song Boxuan and Ma Zhen, are training with Shenhua. They may become A member of Shenhua. If Shenhua introduces these three players, there is no need to occupy the transfer quota. Prior to this, Jiangsu Suning has officially announced the joining of Tianhai player Zhang Cheng, and with the new season Super League getting closer and closer, Shenhua team also need to implement the recruitment work as soon as possible to finalize the team lineup. In the previous warm-up match, Yang Xu has played on behalf of Shenhua and helped the team score goals. However, Song Boxuan and Ma Zhen did not get the chance to play. Cui Kangxi will continue to investigate the status of these people in the subsequent games and training.

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In addition to certain adjustments in domestic aid, Shenhua and Martins’ renewed leading edge is also highly anticipated. Martins, who has been training with the team from the UAE, previously scored goals in the Shenhua team’s internal game. Although the speed is not as good as the peak state of the year, the veteran’s professionalism and rich experience can still become the team’s killer. After Ihalo officially renewed Manchester United, Martins may become the team’s fifth best candidate for foreign aid.