Which country’s astronauts will be the first to board a Chinese spacecraft? Russia has booked a space and entered the moon base

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Chinese moon exploration spaceship gains momentum To be dispatched

“Russian astronauts are ready to fly to space by Chinese spacecraft.” This is the position stated by Dmitry Rogozin, director of the Russian Federal Space Agency, in an interview with the media on the 13th. He also emphasized that Russia will not participate in the US lunar program,”Russia is ready to strengthen cooperation with China in exploring the lunar field.”

According to the Russian News Agency on the 14th, Rogozin confidently claimed,”We are ready to fly into space with Chinese and American spaceships. China and Americans may also be preparing to take our spaceships, which It is normal, and cooperation should always be in the field of manned space.” He also stressed that Russia is actively discussing cooperation with Chinese partners in the field of space, including the joint construction of a lunar scientific research station.

China plans to build a lunar scientific research station by 2030


China and Russia have a long history of aerospace cooperation, especially in manned spaceflight. China can draw on many Russian technologies and experiences. For example, China’s”Shenzhou” spaceship has many Russian shadows, and China’s first batch of astronauts received initial training in Russia.

On this basis, in November 2017, China and Russia signed the”Outline of Space Cooperation 2018-2022 between the National Space Administration of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation National Aerospace Corporation”, which formulated the 5 of the two countries. Annual Space Cooperation Program. The plan covers 5 areas including joint development of the moon and deep space, development of special materials, cooperation in the field of satellite systems, remote sensing of the earth, and finding spacecraft debris.

The foundation of establishing a lunar station is to first achieve three goals< /p>

The mentioned Sino-Russian joint exploration of the moon is related to China’s need to establish a scientific research station on the moon. According to reports, on the basis of the successful launch of Chang’e 5 this year, China will continue to launch Chang’e 6, Chang’e 7, and Chang’e 8 lunar exploration spacecraft, and Chang’e 8 will carry out some scientific exploration tests in addition to some Lunar testing of key technologies.

For example, using 3D printing technology, can we use lunar soil to build houses on the moon, etc., to lay the technical foundation for the future independent construction of the lunar scientific research station in China. If there is no accident, in 2030, China’s first scientific research station on the moon may be built. The station will not only accept Chinese astronauts, but also open to welcome astronauts from friendly countries.

Chang’e 8 will test 3D printing manufacturing materials for building the station p>

Most likely, the Russian astronauts may be one of the first international crew members, followed by Pakistani astronauts, and then Iranian astronauts will also come. In addition, China and Russia also plan to jointly build a lunar scientific research station, just like the current International Space Station, for all friendly countries to jointly explore the moon. Although the United States is also exploring the development of the moon in the United Allies and plans to establish an international lunar research station, it has refused to participate in China and Russia.

However, this lunar scientific research station jointly established by China and Russia can be opened to all participants, including the United States. In the same way, the spacecrafts of China and Russia can also be used by all astronauts willing to participate. Of course, the astronauts of China and Russia are ready to be passengers of each other’s spacecraft.

The international crew will definitely appear on the Chinese lunar spacecraft


Analysis believes that according to China’s deep space exploration plan, in the next 10 years or so, there will be a Chinese-led and multi-national lunar scientific research station in the South Pole of the Moon. From then on, the footprint of the Chinese will step on the moon, and China will also step forward. Join the forefront of the world’s space powers. From this point of view, the Chinese deep space exploration concept is inclusive, and welcome friendly countries to join and take a Chinese spacecraft to the moon, where they will carry out scientific research with scientists including China.

Because of both technology and strong capital, it is expected that Russian lunar astronauts in China’s lunar scientific research station will be frequent visitors, and Russian passengers will also be common on Chinese spacecraft. By then, China will be the world’s first lunar exploration power, and the Chinese dream of flying will come true!

(Military commentary Chen Guangwen on 2020.07.15)