While India is buying arms around the world, the domestic epidemic has stopped, and it has begun to cry out and borrow money

By yqqlm yqqlm

The epidemic in India seems to have entered an uncontrollable situation like the United States. At present, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in India has not only reached 940,000, but from the perspective of its rising infection rate, it has exceeded 1 million. The case seems to have no suspense. India’s single-day diagnosis on the 14th not only exceeded 29,000 cases, but also once again exceeded India’s peak since the outbreak. The more serious is that the Indian outbreak has exceeded the 20,000 single-day diagnosis for 12 consecutive days.

Obviously, the increasing number of new crown cases has caused India to fall into tension. Recently, India has begun to reach out to developed countries and request the latter’s assistance funds to fight the epidemic. It is reported that India submitted a report to the United Nations. In the report, India highlighted the huge impact and challenges that the current epidemic has brought to developing countries, and India also clearly called on the report that developed countries worldwide have an obligation to provide developing countries with Financial assistance to combat the epidemic that is still looting.

India also mentioned as a developing country in the report India has made various anti-epidemic measures in dealing with the epidemic situation. Of course, India listed its various anti-epidemic measures and plans, obviously in order to request anti-epidemic assistance funds from developed countries.

In fact, this is not the first time India has reached out to ask for money from the outside world. In May, India borrowed 3.5 billion yuan of special funds from the Asian Investment Bank to fight the epidemic. Then in mid-June, India again Borrowed 4.9 billion yuan of special funds from the Asian Investment Bank to fight the epidemic. In other words, India has borrowed 8.4 billion yuan from international institutions to deal with the domestic epidemic.

However, recent operations in India have puzzled the outside world. While borrowing money to fight the epidemic, they have successively spent billions of”Haitao” defense equipment in the global region. For example, India recently issued a military purchase list with a cost of nearly US$1 billion (US$9.84) to Russia. Another 1.42 billion orders have been approved by the Indian authorities and are being negotiated with Russia.

In addition to the US$2.4 billion big order with Russia, India has completed a batch of ground-to-surface missile orders with the United States. The purchase price is temporarily unknown. India is negotiating with the United States to purchase 200″big crows”. The order of the aircraft is calculated based on the purchase price of this weapon by the United States itself-250,000 US dollars (3 drones + 1 ground base station). This order is close to 17 million US dollars.

And it is reported that the United States is selling orders to India at $4 billion A series of sea protection equipment, this batch of defense equipment India can choose between the US UAV and the”Predator-B” UAV However, India’s recent procurement list listed above is only part of India’s defense procurement list, not all.

India does not have the money to fight the epidemic, but it has a large amount of funds to purchase defense equipment, and India’s per capita income is about 2100 US dollars, which is still a very small number of the top rich people in the world. The result of income pulling. With the epidemic raging, a large number of slums facing the epidemic black hole, and the economy being severely hit, India has raised huge amounts of money to purchase defense equipment. Obviously, it is difficult to convince the outside world whether it is really short of money.