Who actually built the”Sphinx”? The latest research shows that it is probably ancient civilization

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Ancient Egypt, the birthplace of an ancient civilization, a magical land, has left too many unsolved mysteries for future generations:pyramids, sphinx, how are these grand projects built? How to complete? Why build? Wait a minute. Throughout the ages, countless scientists have gone on to carry out countless explorations. In the end, these deep secrets have amazed scientists time and time again!

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Recently, scientists have shown that Sphinx is likely to have a history of 800,000 years. Two Ukrainians came up with the results of this research:Manishev Yacheslavi and Alexander Parhomenko, who came from the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Institute of Geography of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, respectively.

Their papers were published in foreign media, using the latest research methods to reach such a conclusion. The entire research process is supported by sufficient scientific theory, not for eyeballing or rushing. Therefore, as soon as this conclusion was reported, it received strong response from scientific researchers all over the world. The paper stated that the ancient Egyptian sphinx is most likely to have been subjected to impact and erosion from seawater.

This argument breaks through the orthodox views of scientists on ancient Egypt. In previous studies, scientists generally believed that the erosion of the Sphinx was caused by abrasion of sand and gravel. However, this study introduced the theory of seawater erosion. They believe that geographic research methods are very important for determining the date of construction of the Sphinx. Comparing the physical evidence of seawater erosion on the ancient ruins of Giza, they believe that the erosion traces of the Sphinx and the erosion traces of the ancient Giza are very similar, with the same erosion traces and similar rock structure. Therefore, they came up with a bold conclusion:the main erosion of the Sphinx came from sea water, not wind and sand erosion.

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In addition, the paper also stated that a large number of studies have shown In ancient times, ancient Egypt once had a large number of freshwater lakes distributed around the Nile River. According to some literature, between 5.2 million BC and 1.6 million BC, sea level rise caused flooding of the Nile River. As a result, the land after low tide formed the Calabrian Stage, which coincided with the period of formation of the erosion marks on the upper body of the Sphinx.

At that time, it was about 800,000 years ago.

If all of the above inferences hold true, then the Sphinx had appeared 800,000 years ago, and the human civilization was not yet open at that time, so this study can be said It is a major breakthrough in historical research. The research method of combining history with geography is very novel, and regardless of whether the conclusion of this research is true or not, at least for the study of the Sphinx, humans seem to be one step closer.

In fact, for the Sphinx, not only are foreign scientists fascinated by it, but even Chinese scientists have never been less enthusiastic about it. With the upsurge of research on”Shan Hai Jing” in modern times, people have also discovered some clues of”Sphinx” in”Shan Hai Jing”. According to the records of”Shan Hai Jing · Hai Nei Bei Jing”:

“Di Yaotai, Dicuitai, Didanzhutai, Disuntai, each Ertai and Sifang are the platforms for the emperors, in the northeast of Kunlun.”

There is also a record like this:

“Taiwan is in its east, Taifang is in four corners, there is a snake in the corner, tiger color, heading south.”

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The previous paragraph described in detail the shape of the”Emperor’s Platform”, which is a two-layer square structure, which is very consistent with the image of the pyramid, and the emperor platform should be It is not an ordinary building. The tiger-snake statue recorded in the latter paragraph is speculated to be the Sphinx. The two records are combined into one, and the cultural community generally believes that its credibility is very high.

Seeing this, some people may find it unbelievable. It is obviously something from two different countries. How could it be inexplicably pulled together? Some friends will certainly be puzzled:the sphinx, obviously a sphinx, why is it said to be a snake?

Experts made some explanations about this. They believed that the Xia dynasty of the ancient China period may be a very powerful country with a very large territory. It even extended to ancient Egypt and built a lion body. Portrait. At the same time, in ancient Egypt, people worshiped not lions but snakes. This can be verified by the relief of the”Kubola” on the forehead of the Sphinx.

In addition, we have heard of such a legend about the Sphinx.

In ancient mythology, the sphinx is a monster born from giants and snake monsters, with a human head, a lion body, and wings. He was cruel by nature, named Sphynx, and was good at making riddles. One day, he met a young Dips, and came up with a riddle:”Can make a sound, walking on four legs in the morning, walking on two legs at noon, but walking on three legs at night.”

In the end, this riddle was guessed by Dipus, and the answer was”human”. For this, Sphinx committed suicide to atone for himself.

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Although myths and legends cannot be used as evidence for scientific research, , But can provide some direction for archaeological research. This legend at least confirms that the secret of the Sphinx is related to snakes.

It can be said that scientists of the Sphinx have never stopped researching. Among them, regarding its construction history, who made it, has always been a world problem that puzzles scientists. Even, some scientists have shown that the pyramids and sphinxes may not have been created by the Egyptians, and their existence may be far earlier than the civilizations that humans have appeared. As some archaeologists have said:2.5 billion years ago, there were very advanced civilizations on the earth. After that, after huge natural catastrophes, only some broken walls remain in the world.

In fact, no matter whether the Sphinx appeared 800,000 years ago, or the records of the Sphinx in the Shan Hai Jing, and the ancient myths and legends that have been passed down from generation to generation, there are There is a highly civilized guess on the earth, and the Sphinx should be built by ancient and advanced civilizations, etc. These are all enough to show that human cognition of the world is only the tip of the iceberg, and what we think we know is not necessarily all the truth. However, no matter what, we should be in awe of the ancient civilization.

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