WHO says the Middle East epidemic is at a”critical point”, Egypt reopens to welcome tourists

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The World Health Organization warned on July 1 that the Middle East has recorded 1 million cases of new coronary pneumonia infections and is at a”critical critical point.”

According to the Guardian, the World Health Organization said that from Morocco to Pakistan, more than 1 million confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia have been reported in 22 countries covered by the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Division. More than 80%of the deaths in this area came from five countries:Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Ahmed Mandali, head of the Middle East region of the World Health Organization, said:”The region is at a critical threshold. This is a worrying milestone.”

He added:“The number of new cases reported in June alone is higher than the total number of cases reported in the region over the previous four months.” He attributed the increase in cases to increased testing, but also to Regulatory restrictions removed in recent weeks.

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Nevertheless, because the epidemic in Egypt After closing for more than three months, the international flights were restarted on July 1, and major tourist attractions including the Great Pyramid of Giza were reopened. The Egyptian government claims that tourism accounts for 5%of the country’s total economic output. If it includes work and investment indirectly related to tourism, it may account for 15%.

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