Who’s the strongest performer in this decade’s North American autumn hard court?

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With the news that the tennis will resume full work in August, it is hotly debated whether the North American hard court season is still open. On the one hand, the new crown epidemic in North America is now raging. Both the number of new infections and the total number of infections have reached a new high. The fact that the last Croatian exhibition game triggered agglomeration infections also scared everyone. Even though the game will be played in empty courts, many players said that the atmosphere without spectators made them not want to play. Even US Open, which is expensive for the Grand Slam, may face the embarrassing situation of the three giants being absent together. This must be the most bleak year for the North American event since its inception. The North American autumn hard court has always attracted many players to participate in the high prize money and high quality of the game. So in the men’s tennis in the past decade, who performs best in the North American hard court? I think we should use the champion to speak.

TOP5Federer Achievement:Four Cincinnati Champions

Lao Niu did complete the US Open five consecutive feat, but that was before 2009. In recent years, due to increasing age and injuries, Lao Niu put his main energy on the grass season he is best at. After Wimbledon announced the cancellation, Lao Niu also announced his end of the season. For the past ten years, Lao Niu has been strategically participating in the North American Fall hard court. It is basically a masters game plus the US Open. There are almost no three competitions to participate in. Under this strategic arrangement, he won a total of four Cincinnati Masters championships. Although there is no US Open account, but don’t underestimate the four Masters champions, Cincinnati is where Nadmu has not conquered for many years, and now they only have one champion each.

TOP4Cirich Achievements:One US Open, one Cincinnati one< /p>

When tennis fans give active players a title based on their achievements, Federer is the queen of cattle, Nadal is the queen of beans, Deyo is the concubine of chicken, Murray is the first concubine of Lei, and Wawrinka, Cilic and Del Potro are concubine of egg, skewer and monkey respectively Concubine. Judging from the performance of the North American hard court, Cilic definitely deserves the title of”concubine”. In the past ten years, he has won a Cincinnati champion and a US Open champion. In terms of achievements, he even slightly wins Federer. Cilic’s tall body, excellent serve, and strong forehand are destined to make a difference on the fast hard ground in North America.

TOP3 Murray Achievement:Rogers Cup two championships, one Cincinnati championship, one US Open championship

Although the Big Three cannot be robbed in the Grand Slam, Murray, who is the”Head of Four Concubines”, won the Masters Championship but was not soft. In addition to winning many championships in the Spring Sunshine Doubles, the North American Triple Crown in autumn also won four championships in ten years. Cincinnati is considered a blessing for Murray. At the age of 21, he won the first hard ground masters championship here, a small breakthrough. The 25-year-old Murray first slammed his Grand Slam at the US Open and defeated Djokovic to win the championship. Although Murray’s current state of depression is no longer the bravery of those days, we still remember his wonderful performance on the court.

TOP2 Djokovic achievements:Rogers Cup three crowns, Cincinnati one crown, US Open three crowns

When did Djokovic become Master Gold? When he won the championship in Cincinnati in 2018. It is hard to imagine that he, as the king of the hard ground, did not conquer this final Masters territory until 2 years ago. Every giant has such a”slip period” in a year. Federer is a clay court season, the North American autumn game in the past ten years. Nadal is the Asian season after the Australian Open and Sunshine Doubles and the US Open. Djoo has occasionally broken the North American hard court in recent years. Therefore, even if the U.S. Open is a hard ground, Djoo is the strongest hard-earth player in a decade, and Djo has failed to complete the rule of the U.S. Open. He won three championships in ten years, defeating Nadal, Federer and Del Potro. Coincidentally, the three finalists of Djoo are all US Open champions.


TOP1 Nadal achievements:Rogers Cup three crowns, Cincinnati one crown, U.S. Open four crowns

Nadal recently stated that he wanted to win 25 Grand Slam titles. Many people predicted that the remaining 6 Grand Slam titles would be a mixture of French Open and US Open. Despite the average serve, the strong forehand and bottom line technology make the US Open the second-best performing Nadal apart from the French Open. In addition, Djoy, Murray and Federer will be eliminated by other players in the US Open due to insufficient sweeping ability. After improving the technology, Nadal, who has first-class vegetable abuse ability, will have more opportunities to win the US Open. The Rogers Cup is the first match for Nadal to complete the defending title except clay. In 2013, Nadal won the Rogers Cup, Cincinnati, and the US Open in succession, becoming the third North American after Raft and Rodick A junior feat player, and Nadal has been criticized before for his poor performance. After completing the North American Big Three, Nadal’s hard-ground technology has undergone qualitative changes. For example, Nadal, who is getting older this year and is suffering from injuries, may not be able to replicate the feat of the North American Big Three, but we have reason to believe that he can win more championships in the North American autumn hard court. (Source:House of tennis:hedgehog sprites)