“Why can’t I be poor, but my sister-in-law can buy a car for 300,000 yuan?””She is a hero”

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The king in”Thirty Only” Manni wore branded high-heeled shoes with glue on the luxury cruise ship, just to keep the shoes for a few more years. I wonder if this point of careful consideration has touched everyone’s resonance. If people expect a high-quality life when they are poor, they have to work hard to make a comfortable life within the limits of their ability.

This is not wrong in itself.”Poor and exquisite” refers to being able to live exquisitely when people are poor. It is an attitude of life and the pride of not wanting to compromise casually. As long as we can afford it today and feel that the money is worth the money after consumption, we will naturally feel better and will have the motivation to make more money. Of course, if you want to be a poor and exquisite person, the prerequisite is first that the money is yours, and the money is spent with confidence.

However, there is a kind of people who live very poorly. They have little money but will be ruthlessly squeezed by their native families. They clearly hope to live a poor but refined life, but they are The family belittled to love vanity, the money they earn cannot be their own master, and they want to speak for themselves but dare not. Live like a puppet, without dignity.

Although Wang Manni does not make much money in the metropolis, she can at least be self-sufficient and enjoy a little exquisite life within a limited range, and in”Ode to Joy” span class=”entity-word” data-gid=”6462016″>Fan Shengmei is not so good. Not only have to bear the lives of parents and brothers. Even if something goes wrong at home, we must do everything possible to settle it.

Someone may not be convinced and think that the two should not be compared. After all, Wang Manni does not have a disgusting brother like Fan Shengmei. In fact, before a person does something, he will be dominated by self-cognition, and the subconscious inertia only plays a supporting role. They both have the commonality of wanting to be a”poor and exquisite” girl. Although Wang Manni is not dragged down by her brother, there is a bowl of”poisonous chicken soup” between her and Fan Shengmei in the relationship with the original family .

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this A bowl of poisonous chicken soup is:As a child, you must always obey your parents.

Filial piety and subordination to parents are not blind. There is no contradiction between filial piety and selective obedience to parents. From Wang Manni, we see not only the ambition to take root in the big city, but also a kind of independence and unblind determination.

Does Wang Manni feel at ease? not at all. From food, clothing, housing and transportation to life-long events, she has to worry about herself, but one thing she has always been sober in her heart is that she never forgets her original intention of staying in the big city. No matter how hard her parents are, and no matter how lonely and helpless she is when she is sick, she has never been disturbed by anyone, and she has moved firmly towards her goal without ever wavering.

On the other hand, Fan Shengmei, although she also wants to live a delicate appearance with a poor salary, her salary is often exploited by her brother before her salary is hot in the palm of her hand. . It’s because parents always love to say something in front of her:”That’s your brother, you can’t just look at it!”

Filial piety also requires some choices. People’s abilities are limited. It is impossible to satisfy all the wishes of our parents. And blind filial obedience is called foolish filial piety. When the plans and dreams in your heart conflict with the fate of your parents, when you drink the poisonous chicken soup of”Fool and Filial Piety” against your will, you will lose yourself and you don’t know who you are living for.

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For the sake of “duty and filial piety”, is it worthwhile to lower yourself into the dust?

Li Tingting, who is 28 years old, is at a loss for her future life. She doesn’t know how long she will stay at her natal house. She squeezed under the same roof with her parents and siblings. She worked 7 Years of salary did not save a penny at all.

People say that the eldest brother is like a father, but Li Tingting has a brother like Fan Shengmei who is not worrying. After the brother got married, he emptied his parents’ pockets with his palms up, and then even his sister’s wallet was not let go. It’s not that Tingting had never thought about going out alone, but as long as she mentioned it, her mother would think that she was not married and didn’t know that firewood, rice, oil and salt were expensive. In her mother’s original words,”The money used to rent a house will be subsidized to your parents. Is it okay to be with brother-in-law?”

Speechless, Tingting could only be speechless when she heard her parents say such things. Since she was a child, she has listened to her parents more than her brother, and dare not express any grievances. Because in her consciousness, her parents are the ones who raise her own life. Now her brother-in-law is living in a tight life. As a younger sister, she can help as much as she can at home. Point, it’s all a family anyway.

Tingting is studying advertising design. Most people in this industry dress very fashionable. She is actually a dress-conscious person, and gradually began to pursue the quality of life after she joined the work. It’s a pity that her mother and sister-in-law will always suppress her thoughts, thinking that she is”poor and exquisite”. Tingting feels that even if she is poor, living a little more delicately can make her happy.

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After working for a year, she There is a salary of 8,000 yuan a month, which is average for this city. She originally planned to save 5,000 yuan a month and save it in her hands, so that at the end of the year she could travel and see the world. But the mother unceremoniously asked her daughter to turn in the money she saved, on the grounds that Tingting had food and accommodation at home, and the family’s expenses were too great to get rid of the money.

Tingting didn’t dare to refute. She used the limited 3,000 yuan to buy cosmetics and clothes every month, trying to make herself live a little more delicately, but that’s how she was killed by her mother. To laugh with my sister-in-law is to admire vanity. The sum of the money earned by the sister-in-law is not as much as Tingting’s, nor did she give her mother a point on weekdays. Where did Tingting give her mother the money?

The answer was revealed after 6 years of working at Tingting. The parents took the money Tingting handed in every month and saved 300,000 yuan, and they bought it for his sister-in-law. A car is used as a means of transportation. Tingting only heard her parents and brother biting their ears in the kitchen. She is very angry.

Originally, she watched the birth of her little nephew, and couldn’t bear the poor living standards at home. She thought that she should have paid for it even if she lived in her natal family. But what she never thought was that her mother Being so eccentric, she took all the money she earned to buy a car for her sister-in-law, and obviously got up early every day and squeezed the bus for an hour to go to work, OK?

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She can’t help but blame her mother privately:” Mom, did you think about my feelings when you did this? Why can’t I be poor and exquisite, but my sister-in-law can buy a car for 300,000 yuan?” The mother felt that her daughter was not qualified to say something like this:“You’re a vanity, your sister-in-law is different. She can give birth to a boy for the Li family, that’s our family’s hero. Buying a car is nothing. Besides, you are a girl, and sooner or later you will marry someone else’s house.”

Tingting feels He suffocated his throat with one breath, and his lungs exploded with anger. At this time, she finally understood that even if she was filial to her parents, in their eyes she was just a tool for making money. The contributions I have made to my family in the past few years have never been as important as the thoughts of”male superiority and female inferiority” and”passage to generations” in the eyes of parents.

After calming down, Tingting began to think:Is it worthwhile to blindly obey her parents and put herself in the dust in this home? She didn’t save a penny and was taken for granted by everyone, she couldn’t swallow this breath.

After trying to understand, Ting Ting left the house and moved out. Of course, she will no longer voluntarily take money to”compensate” her family every month. The so-called subsidy is nothing more than a disguised eccentricity to help parents. She didn’t want to continue to do such silly things, even if her mother jumped her feet, she was helpless. This time, Tingting intends to decide whether it is money or her own heart.

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filial piety but not stupidity is an eternal proposition for every child.

Whether you are an only child or have siblings, you must remember that the person you are most responsible for is actually yourself. Just as it is impossible for our parents to accompany us for the rest of our lives, we don’t have to force others’ lives on ourselves like a mountain.

Being a wise and targeted filial child, in fact, also requires some of your own ideas and determination. Perhaps your original family situation is indeed different from others, but one thing is inseparable from its ancestry-you need to distinguish the primary and secondary relationship.

First of all, you must survive well to be able to take care of others. Your standard of living is also very important to you. Lowering your standard of living to satisfy others with compromises, this kind of sacrifice does not matter whether it is worth it or not, but when you are not living well, your sacrifice seems a bit swollen and fat.

Incompetent filial piety, like unwilling filial piety, is labelled as filial piety to your children. After drinking the poisonous chicken soup of stupid filial piety, in the struggle of being unwilling and distressing yourself Self-hypnosis.

Instead of this, it’s better to just be like Wang Manni, define the relationship with your parents from the beginning, don’t be blind, don’t back down, simply follow your own ideas Just live. Even if you are poorer, you must live a delicate life.


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