Why did you pay so much for nothing? Your energy circuit is closed

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Is there any reward for paying? Yes, all efforts must be rewarded. If this logic is not true, I am afraid that no one will be willing to work harder.

There are many things that are unsatisfactory in life. In reality, most of our efforts are not rewarded. Why does this happen?

In fact, your contribution is not unrewarded, but just not paid in the way you want.

If your contribution does not pay off in the way you hope, do you still have to pay? Of course it is necessary, but you have to change your energy circulation circuit.

In the past, you built a closed energy circulation circuit, which caused most of your efforts to be lost.

No matter what you give, it is essentially energy, and everything you get is essentially energy. Paying and rewarding is actually a circuit of energy circulation.

If your energy circulation circuit is open, then your work must have an unexpectedly great return.


What is a closed energy circulation circuit?

Almost everyone knows that if you want to get it, you must first give it. This is the collective consciousness of human beings and a basic law of cause and effect.

People who don’t know how to pay and ask for it will eventually get nothing.

It’s just that most people pay in a”point-like way”.

Example 1:

You like a girl, then you will pay a lot for her, this is a kind of pleasing behavior. To please, in fact, is a kind of energy giving. Through your giving, you hope to get the other party’s reward, that is, the other party likes you too. This energy is given in points-with clear goals and objectives. Your goal is the other party, and your purpose is to hope that the other party likes you too. This is a closed energy circulation circuit.

The problem is here. In many cases, no matter how much effort you make, you will not necessarily receive the favor of the other party, and the other party may not like you because of your efforts.

Example 2:

You are starting a business, you put all your energy and financial resources into your career, but in the end you Failed. You have paid a huge amount of energy for this, but this energy gives no return.

You might say:I did not do well enough, but I still have a lot to improve. But this is not the point. The point is:Isn’t it a reward? But why hasn’t my efforts paid off?

Example 3:

You are engaged in one of the most primitive labor:farming. You have been working hard for half a year, irrigating, fertilizing, weeding, and killing insects. The crops are about to mature, but suddenly there is a hail in the sky, and all your crops are destroyed.

You gave a huge amount of energy in your land, but it didn’t pay you back. Even farming sometimes breaks the logic of”paying must pay off”.

Most people are this kind of energy circulation circuit. This is a closed energy circulation circuit. This is a single circuit, and the energy return often does not follow this circuit.

How can this happen?

Payment must be rewarded. There is nothing wrong with this logic. The problem is that The circulation of cosmic energy flows in accordance with the law of unity circulation. It does not matter how you want it to flow.

The integrated cycle of cosmic energy is an open energy flow circuit. And the closed energy circulation circuit you built is just wishful thinking. You are constraining the free flow of cosmic energy, but unfortunately how can the flow of cosmic energy be restricted by you?


What is an integrated energy circulation circuit?

You think you are an independent individual, and you think that everything in the universe is an independent existence. In fact, on the contrary, everything in the universe is never divided. The scores are not bad, they are very delicate.

Energy exchange, energy transfer, energy structuring, disintegration of energy structure, energy gathering, energy loss, in short, the energy cycle is endless.

But the flow of energy is traceable and lawful. So we can control and manipulate energy to a certain extent.

Of course everything in the universe also includes us. We are all in the big loop of energy flow. We are all nodes in the energy cycle. We are both energy bodies, energy consumers, and at the same time Energy circulation channel.

This large loop of energy flow is an integrated cycle.

“Everything is not to be born, but has to be born”, which means that everything is born when the energy manifests into a phase;”All things are to die, but have to die”, which means when When the energy is completely drained away, everything will die.

The so-called success, residence, badness, and emptiness are all behind the energy gathering, increasing, declining, and destroying.

When you lose something, it is actually the flow of energy; when you get something, it is actually the flow of energy; when you are in pain, it is actually the congestion of energy (energy clutter interferes with entanglement); when Your joy and joy is the harmonious resonance of energy; when you have anything, it is actually that you have established a certain energy flow circuit. But one day this circuit will disintegrate, and the things you have will eventually go away.

Behind everything is energy, all the energy that has been transformed into a phase is not in the energy cycle for a second, and how solid and stable the material looks, it is also in a non-stop Among the energy shock. Even if it is like a diamond for a long time, it is also a kind of energy vibration, and it cannot escape the law of impermanence.

The reason why the entire universe is in a relatively stable state is because the energy cycle is relatively stable and has a loop. The energy cycle has a trajectory to follow, otherwise the logic of giving and rewarding cannot be established, and the law of cause and effect will no longer exist.


Why is there no return for some contributions?

Energy must flow out and flow in, unless everything does not exist, the energy behind it is maintained.

The so-called pay is the output of energy, and the so-called reward is the return of energy, just like breathing.

But why in most cases our efforts are not rewarded, the reason is that what we create is a closed energy circulation circuit, we are in a binary opposition consciousness, and regard ourselves and the world as Divided individuals and their components.

Splitting thinking allows us to consciously cut off the connection with the universe. However, the reality is that we cannot escape from the one cycle, but we do not conform to the one cycle of the universe’s energy.

The split consciousness prevents us from seeing the oneness cycle. We think that we are divided individuals, but the truth is not like this. We are always in the big loop of the universe’s energy cycle, and the energy must flow in accordance with the unity cycle.

Also explained with the above example. You give your feelings to the other party, but the other party is also in the integrated cycle energy mode. The outflow of the other party’s energy must follow the one cycle, and the other party’s energy does not necessarily return to you.

You unilaterally hope that the other party’s energy flows to you, that is, you have ignored the existence of the universe’s integrated cycle. Because of the existence of one body, every outflow of energy moves the whole body in one stroke. The reason is so simple.

The energy you give will inevitably lead to energy return, but the energy return does not appear in the way you want. For example, another girl sees your infatuation, but has an admiration for you-the energy returns in another way.

Taking crops as an example. Although your energy is paid, it does not bring the harvest of the crops, but the energy is still returning-you harvest the crop rods, it can also be used as fuel or feed-but this is not what you want.

In the closed energy circulation circuit, you only open the energy inlet in a targeted manner, and close the other energy inlets, so when the energy does not flow back according to your energy inlet, you will produce Pay the illusion of no return.



The disadvantages of closed energy circuit

In fact, the energy circuit of this model is If it does not hold, it often runs counter to the oneness cycle.

When you give a huge amount of energy, because you don’t bring the energy you want, you will fall into the”victimization mode” when it flows in. You think this world hurts you.

Of course, because your effort does not bring the return you want, your energy is wasted, because you have not opened other energy inlets, so you can’t receive other energy return. .

Not all closed energy circuits will bring about returns, but its energy return is very limited. The essence of the closed energy circuit is the energy exchange circuit. For example, if we spend money on shopping, we will buy as much as we can. This is an energy exchange.

In this energy circuit, all the energy we give is conditional, our love is conditional, our concentration is conditional, our investment is conditional, our energy is conditional ……

The special relationship we have established is conditional, our work is conditional, the cause we invest in is conditional, and every penny we spend is conditional, Every love we give is also conditional…

The problem lies in this”conditional”, which greatly limits the speed, magnitude, and channels of energy return.

Conditional energy is given, and the energy return brought by it is naturally limited. Your condition is the upper limit of energy return.

However, most people are giving energy conditionally. This has led their lives to often fall into want and helplessness.


How to enter the integrated energy circulation circuit?

You are already in this circuit, but your level of consciousness is too low to be truly integrated into this circuit, so that the energy flowing through you is very weak.

There is no such thing as a static object at all. Anything that seems static is actually constantly flowing in and out of energy.

We are both a relatively stable energy body and at the same time an energy flow node (flow point). How much energy flows through depends on whether our own pipeline node is unobstructed.

Since energy must flow in and out, why don’t we let energy breathe a little smoother? All we have to do is make ourselves a thicker, smoother, larger, and dynamic”energy buffer pool.”

If you want to make your life infinitely rich, then you must Let yourself the energy buffer pool become the flow-through point on the integrated energy circulation circuit, and truly integrate into the integrated circulation circuit of cosmic energy.

The integrated energy circulation mode is the only way of energy flow, and we can only adapt. If you conform to it, you will be able to borrow the”celestial power”. The so-called borrowing of the natural power is to make yourself a node or a passing point in the energy circulation circuit of the universe. In this way, each of our energy will bring infinite levels of energy backflow.

What should I do? It is enough to do the following three aspects.

1. Just give the energy, don’t ask how the energy flows back

The output energy is the propelling power and the cause. Your output determines the result.

In the past, all our efforts were conditional, but starting today, we have to learn to give energy unconditionally (relaxed conditions). Because all the energy given will bring back flow.

“Giving” is the first step to promote the energy cycle,”want to get it, you must first with it”, this is the way of heaven.

In the past, we gave energy conditionally, mainly because we only wanted to get what we wanted. And fear that our efforts will be lost. We are unwilling to give love to an unrelated person, unwilling to fund an unrelated person, and unwilling to help someone who is of no value to us. These are given by conditional energy.

Conditional giving will cause you to give very little energy, and the energy outlet is also very little. Naturally, your return will be very little. Coupled with the closed energy flow circuit, you get less energy backflow.

Why most people are so scarce that they often even get into trouble because they live in a closed energy circuit that they build.

Who gives, who returns. It does not matter where you give it, it is who gives it that matters.

To love a beggar is definitely not more worthwhile than loving a great man. The key is who is in love, not who. To help a passerby is definitely not more meaningless than helping a king. It doesn’t matter who helps, it’s who helps.

Maybe it’s difficult for you to accept it all at once, and it’s hard to understand. It’s not important. What’s important is that this is the truth.

In short, the first step is to increase the energy outlet to give more energy unconditionally with an equal footing. Don’t hesitate to give energy, all your efforts will bring energy back. It doesn’t matter what form the energy flows back and what the return channel is.


2. Give high-quality energy

In fact, you are outputting energy all the time, but the energy you output is low frequency and is not focused Yes, they interfere with each other, are unstable, and are not pure. The results can be imagined.

Like we are breathing every day, but some people can achieve the healing effect through special breathing methods, and even achieve the liberation of the soul.

The ability to control your destiny is hidden in yourself. You don’t need to ask for anything at all. Mindfulness is all because of it. Each of your mindfulness is giving energy and pushing the energy cycle.

What quality of energy do you give, and what quality of energy is returned, so you must give high frequency energy, and only then can you get high frequency energy reflow. Energy is always attracted to the same frequency and resonates in harmony.

High-quality energy forms mainly include the following:sincere love, kind help, praise, gratitude, kindness, good wishes, happy feelings, and of course inner peace.

Maybe you have discovered that all these things are from the heart, and the mind cannot give them. Of course, the giving of energy also includes the giving of matter, because matter itself is also low-frequency energy.

What frequency of energy will always be inspired by what frequency. The form given by energy is infinite. The key lies in your heart, which is more important than form.

Don’t ask for rewards when giving. Giving energy with the spirit of seeking for compensation actually closes the energy return inlet.

In fact, this is”no mercy, great compassion”. Whether you can do it and how much you can do it depends on how willing you want to change.

You have noticed that the above-mentioned high-quality energy can be given by everyone. Is it hard to be grateful? Is it difficult to do sincere praise? We just need to change our mindset, so why is it so difficult?

3. Open your heart and expand the open energy entrance

One will always give us back in accordance with one operation, and the way of giving back is often incredible. There is another important rule:the energy return is always far more than what we pay.

When you export energy to the universe, the return of energy is inevitable, and we have to accept the reward.

The rest is to learn to welcome the inflow of energy. If your energy inlet is blocked, then you will not receive energy.

However, most people’s energy entrances are blocked, because their minds are blocked, or the state of consciousness is blocked. You close the energy entrance, it is difficult to return any amount of energy.

At this time, we must open up to the greatest extent. The more open, the more energy entrance.

How to open yourself up, I will talk about it from both sides.

From a positive perspective:

When you output high-quality energy, you are actually open. It is difficult for a person with no open heart to understand gratitude, to give equal and unconditional love, and of course he is not willing to extend a helping hand to others. It is impossible for an occlusive heart to output high-quality energy, because he does not.

The return flow brought by the high-frequency energy output is always excess, and its return mode is often multi-dimensional, which is always beyond our imagination. It can be said that the more our hearts are opened, the greater the excess multiples we obtain.

In terms of the opposite:

It is necessary for us to further open up the energy return inlet, that is to do some important”cleaning work.”

Cleaning what? Of course, it is to clean up the things that cause congestion in the energy pipeline. These things include:restrictive beliefs, emotional patterns, low-frequency behaviors, memory garbage, etc.

In fact, all these things come from our minds. The minds mentioned here do not refer to our brains. The brain is just a body organization, and the mind refers to our”self-awareness based on separation.”

What does the mind like? Of course, separation, judgment, comparison, decision-making, thinking, planning, control, grasping, etc. These things are what we want to put down or weaken, the more mind you can put down, the greater your openness will be.

When you complete these internal projects, you will find that your popularity will naturally become better, your wealth will naturally become wider, your nobles will naturally appear inexplicably, your Emotional life will become silky, and your wisdom will be rapidly improved… your life will also enter a mode of effortless expansion.

This article gives a framework idea of ​​how to integrate into an integrated energy circulation circuit, which will involve some specific methods and tools, and these methods and tools will never be within your own, as long as you deepen Within your own heart, you will definitely find the operation method that suits you. For the sake of length, I will not discuss it in detail. For more information, please refer to the related articles.

End of this article, thanks for reading. If there is any harvest, welcome to share.

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