Why do NBA stars like to invest in football? Durant wants to save his public image

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Durant acquires 5%of the Philadelphia United Football Club Of shares.

“Officially announced! Looking forward to close cooperation with Philadelphia United Football Club in the future!”

A few days ago, when the Brooklyn Nets teammates were all in” Headache” How did the team make up a competitive rematch lineup, the star Kevin Durant, who was still recovering from injury, posted a message on social media that he bought the Major League Soccer team Philadelphia 5%of the shares of United Football Club, valued at US$16 million.

As an NBA star, Durant is certainly not the first to invest in football. There are Nash and James There are also stories about Harden’s transformation from”fans to bosses”.

However, Durant has greater ambitions than his predecessors who invest in football either because of personal hobbies or because of business considerations.”Circle”, bring more positive public opinion effects, and pave the way for the future identity of”NBA boss”.

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Durant’s football jersey has been auctioned.

It turns out that Durant is also a football fan

As early as June this year, the authoritative media SportBusiness has reported that Durant will buy Philadelphia United Football The news of the club, but the media did not get the exact news at that time, how many shares Durant would buy.

By the beginning of July, the Philadelphia United Club had begun to interact frequently with Durant on its social media, and used Durant’s Philadelphia United signature jersey to create momentum for the charity dinner.

Until mid-July, Durant finally”officially announced” that he would become the”little boss” of Philadelphia United. More importantly, from the valuation of shares given by SportBusiness and the further option to purchase shares, Durant is not just planning to simply”play tickets.”

“For investors, a 5%stake in the Major League Soccer team is not small. Durant is so interested, mainly because of his interest in football.” Du Rand’s business partner, Rich Kleiman, told SportBusiness about Durant’s hidden identity as a “football fan”.

In fact, Durant originally planned to buy shares in his hometown team Washington United. However, according to reports from SportBusiness, during the periodical negotiation process, Durant discovered that Washington United wanted to find A”low-key investor”, Durant and his Thirty Five Ventures investment company hope to use this investment to make a win-win hype.

“We don’t just want to invest as simple as that, we want to have a say, but also to help the community, and to share what we have learned in many different fields.”

According to Kleiman’s statement, it was the two sides who did not agree on their value orientations. In the end, Durant gave up investing in his hometown team and chose the Philadelphia United club instead.

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Is investing in football a”springboard” for becoming an NBA boss?

Durant, who is”unstoppable” on the court, is also outstanding in business acumen off the court.

The Thirty Five Ventures investment company he and his business partner Rich Kleiman co-founded has invested in many fields in the past few years, from logistics companies to financial technology companies, from sports digital media to digital As a currency exchange company, Durant has been involved in various business areas that seem to be difficult to connect with him on the surface.

A set of investment data can illustrate Durant’s vision-according to the US media Essentially Sports reported in early July this year, Uber Technology will acquire a food transportation company for a high price of $2.6 billion Postmates, and Durant invested 1 million US dollars in this company in 2016. The current investment is expected to bring him 15 times the income, which means Durant can get 15 million US dollars.

To invest in football clubs, Durant actually has other plans besides Kleiman’s”interest in football”.

“At this stage of Durant’s current commercial investment, the cost of investing in major league football is much lower than investing in a major league football or major league baseball team. The market value of the player is too high.”

According to Kleiman’s statement, investing in such a professional sports club with”current market value is small”, the future benefits may be amazing.

Durant’s investment in this time shouldn’t be missed. According to SportsBusiness’s statistics, the franchise fee of Major League Soccer has been rising in recent years. Pay 10 million US dollars to join the league, and now this fee has risen to 200 million US dollars. This proves that the value of football clubs in the United States is increasing.

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The value of James’ investment in Liverpool has increased 7 times.

More importantly, after the United States, Canada and Mexico become the co-hosts of the 2026 World Cup, the audience of football in the United States will also increase.

Perhaps Durant’s investment in the football field will make more money than the last investment in a logistics company. In this way, he can get closer to the goal of”becoming an NBA team owner.”

According to Kleiman’s statement, Durant has seriously stated more than once,”I hope to become the owner of an NBA team after retirement.”

“Being the same as a sports club, becoming the owner of a football club can help Durant learn the management experience of sports clubs.” Kleiman told SportBusiness,”This is a springboard for Durant to achieve his goals, because in the process , He will gain valuable knowledge, insight and business experience as the owner of the team.

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Liverpool’s young owner James went to Anfield to watch the game.

Social image is saved by football

Investing in football clubs and using this as a”springboard” is an important reason for Durant’s partnership with Philadelphia United one. However, Durant is not the first NBA star to put money into the football circle.

In 2008, Nash bought part of the shares of the Vancouver Whitecaps, and in 2016 he bought shares of the Spanish club Mallorca. And James was in a joint venture with the American parent company of the Liverpool Club in 2011 and obtained a 2%stake in the team. After that, Harden spent money to acquire part of the shares of two local men’s and women’s football teams in Houston.

Why do NBA players like to invest in football more and more?

Investment to make money is the most direct reason. When he harvested 2%of Liverpool’s shares in 2011, James’ investment was about 6.5 million US dollars. In 2019, by winning the Champions League, the value of this part of Liverpool’s shares has soared to at least about 43.6 million US dollars. Almost 7 times the original purchase value.

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Harden acquired the Houston football team.

Harden hopes to build his own”personal brand” while making money.

“I invest here, this is my city. So I am part of Dynamo Houston, and we will take it to a new level.” Harden said in an interview at the time.”This is a good opportunity to expand the global influence of my brand. I have been very passionate about football in the past four or five years, so this is natural.”

Interestingly, Durant is actually with Ha Like Deng, he also has the potential to build his own public opinion image.

According to the analysis of SportBusiness, Durant’s previous public image on social media was not very good-screaming at the media, using trumpets to fight with netizens-so that in some To the extent it affects Durant’s commercial value. After becoming the owner of the football club, Durant also conducted a series of charity activities in Philadelphia and helped the local community.

Philadelphia United’s major shareholder Jay Sugarman said, “This investment will enhance our global visibility, and when people talk about Philadelphia, they will also talk about Duran. Especially, this is our connection.”

In this way, for NBA players, investing in football is really a good business.

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