Why don’t you have good skin if you don’t work hard?

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In this era, most people’s views on “face” are getting heavier, especially like our current aesthetics In terms of”one white covering a hundred ugly” is the king, the convenience brought by a good-looking face is unimaginable to many people, so now the cosmetics industry is developing at a high speed!

But the question is coming

“Can you have good skin as long as skin care?”

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NONONO, the proportion of skin care for”good skin” is actually very small

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Like most of us know, most good skin is born , Determined from your genes, this can’t be changed, but skin care can’t improve into good skin? Not necessarily, this will depend on your acquired efforts. It is not unreasonable to improve your skin from all aspects and make your skin gradually better.

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This is a very test Human willpower

Because our human body is really too complicated, we don’t know the problem because of the lack of understanding of various mechanisms

However, please give a table for reference. Take a break

Eat regularity and satisfy nutrition (25 points)

Persist in exercise (20 points)

Keep a good mood (15 points)

Improvement of skin care products (20 points)

Regularity of work and rest (20 points)

However, few people can achieve the first 4 points, and most people stay up all night With expensive skin care products (such as me), I always feel that these expensive skin care products can offset the consequences of staying up late… But it’s not true, staying up late is a physical torture for all aspects is not a simple Symptoms that simply appear on the skin.

There are many private letters asking Xiao Ka

“How can I make my skin good?”

…. …The mentality becomes better, look at it, and the price of skin care products is good.

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Various YiMei

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The effect that can be improved is not particularly great. It is terrible to achieve”perfect”. People always have imperfections. This is truly perfect. I always think of 0 pores, three-dimensional facial features, and innocent eyes. There are really very tall nose bridges, and there are really few white to shiny skins…….

However, we are”improved” by ordinary people


Choose the one that suits you in the selection of skin care products

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Skin care products are really different, different people’s experience and final effect are not the same, like Xiao Ka’s own use Many of those people are also vomiting, just saying that it is not suitable for their skin type, just choose the one that suits you. The oil skin should be balanced with oil first, and the dry skin should be moisturized

If you want any special effects (whitening)

It’s OK to change the essence to such a function


Adjust good work and rest habits

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This work schedule is actually quite difficult to define. Many professions are defined as a full day to sleep for”8 hours”, no matter what time to sleep, but it seems that this is not the case in our actual life experience On the other hand, if you go to bed late, the state of the next day is not very good. Although Xiao Ka feels right in the profession here, we try to follow the time of 10 to 7 in the evening.

A little regularity will do.

The diet is not my specialty. I can only say a little lighter. Don’t heavy sugar, salt and oil. Eat more vegetables and fruits.


Soaking Soaking feet or Press massage

Both foot bath and massage can have a certain soothing help to our body and mind. Relieving certain fatigue will also make your mood better and maintain an optimistic and positive attitude. It is more important than anything. If you soak your feet for a long time, it will also help us a whole body.

But absolutely not! Ge Youtan, who was lying on the bed while eating snacks, and then kept staring at the mobile phone… Then you asked God why not give you a good skin?

Sister, you don’t work hard, why do you have good skin?

Borrowing Mrs. Helena:There is no ugly woman, only lazy woman

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