Why is it that the discovery of life on Mars is bad news?

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Mars has attracted human attention since ancient times. As early as the 19th century, people used telescopes to observe that there are many lines extending from the dark area on Mars, which look like human canals, so people have Guess, there should also be intelligent life like our human beings proliferating on Mars.

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Since then Since then, human curiosity about Mars has become out of control. After enough space technology has been developed, humans can’t wait to launch a probe to Mars.

However, the human exploration of Mars was not smooth at the beginning. Since 1960, humans have successively launched multiple probes to Mars, including the”Mars 1960A” and”Mars launched by the former Soviet Union.”1960B”,”Mars 1962A”,”Mars 1″,”Mars 1962B” and the”Sailor 3″ launched by the United States, but all failed.

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until 1964 It was only in 2003 that the”Sailor 4″ launched by the United States successfully reached Mars and took pictures of the surface of Mars for humans. Unfortunately, in the photos returned by”Sailor 4″, humans did not find any relevant intelligent life. Mark of. In fact,”Sailor 4″ tells us that the real Mars is actually a dead planet, even without a grass on it.

The discovery of”Sailor 4″ is undoubtedly extremely disappointing, but as more probes arrive on Mars, people have rekindled new hope, because a large number of observation data show that in About 4.3 billion years ago, there was a very suitable environment for life on Mars. At that time, the Martian climate was warm and thick. Atmosphere and vast ocean.

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(Ancient Imaginary map of Mars)

Therefore, we have reason to believe that at least life should have existed on Mars, then the question arises, if the life of Mars is discovered, what does it mean for humans? For this problem, I believe that many people will think that this is good news, because at least it can eliminate the loneliness of humans in the universe, but if we think carefully, we will find that this is likely to be bad news.

Why is it bad news to find life on Mars?

An event only occurs once, it can be said to be a special case, but it is different when it occurs twice. There are two existences in the eight planets in our solar system, which means that life in the universe is not what we had imagined before Special, that is to say, as long as it is a”livable planet” suitable for the existence of life, there is a great possibility that life will be born. So how many”livable planets” are there in the universe?

Although we don’t know how much this number is, but from the analysis of the current observation data, scientists estimate that there are at least hundreds of millions of”livable planets” in the Milky Way. The new view, that is, red dwarfs can also have”livable planets” around them, and this number has soared to 10 billion.

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We don’t It is difficult to speculate that in such a huge number of”livable planets”, some intelligent life like humans will surely evolve, and they will also create brilliant civilizations on their own planets like us.

Because the universe has been born for 13.7 billion years, the timing of these civilizations should be very scattered, that is to say, among these civilizations, there must be many ahead of us. Millions of years or even billions of years of advanced intelligent civilization, and if this advanced civilization really exists, then they have evolved into species that can easily cross the stars.

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Follow this The idea is that the universe should be very lively. There are figures of these advanced civilizations everywhere. Even if they disdain to the earth, we can observe the traces left by these advanced civilizations in the universe (such as”Dyson Ball“,”Von Neumann Detector”, etc.) However, the fact is that we have not seen anything and listened to nothing By this time, the whole universe was dead.

That is to say, the discovery of life on Mars indicates that there should be many advanced civilizations in the universe, but we have not found any traces of them, so conflicts arise. So how should this problem be explained? In this regard, we need to understand the”large filter theory.”

In short, the”large filter theory” believes that from the birth of a life on a”livable planet” to the evolution of species that can cross the interstellar, there are many ways to be taken. Hard-to-reach”threshold”, even if there is life on a”livable planet”, they will always be blocked by a”threshold” and can no longer move forward, and the time for a planet to live is Limited, when the environment changes, these lives disappear from the universe.

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We have to admit that human beings are still in the universe Very fragile, many”natural disasters” or”human disasters” may cause humans to disappear from the universe, and even humans are very lucky to avoid all kinds of threats completely. After 5 billion years, the sun on which humans depend for their lives also moves End.

It is worth mentioning that scientists found that the brightness of the sun has been increasing. If this continues, after about 1 billion years, the oceans on the earth will evaporate. That is to say, humans are on the earth. There is at most 1 billion years left on the planet. This means that we humans also have many”barriers” that are difficult to pass. If we do not step past, then one day in the future, humans will also disappear from the universe, just like other civilizations in the universe.

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Obviously If life on Mars is discovered, it largely confirms the”big filter theory”, because life on Mars does not cross a certain”threshold”, and on Mars, even if life still exists, it is only possible. It is because some highly viable microorganisms are lingering on, and there is no longer a condition that can evolve advanced civilization.

It can be seen that the discovery of life on Mars will be bad news. It shows that life in the universe cannot evolve into species that cross the interstellar, otherwise, the current universe is impossible. So”cold”. Because of this, some people lamented that in the process of exploring alien life, perhaps no news is the best news.

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