Will the DPRK-US summit still be held this year? Pompeo:The chances are low before the presidential election

By yqqlm yqqlm

According to the Russian News Agency reported on the 16th, US Secretary of State Pompeo said at a video conference organized by the New York Economic Club on Wednesday that in November this year, The possibility of holding the North Korea-US summit before the US presidential election is very small.

Pompeo said,”About The holding of the DPRK-US summit before the presidential election has been discussed many times. It is now in July. I think that the possibility of holding the (DPRK-US summit) before November is very small.” However, he does not rule out such a possibility That is, if both parties consider it necessary to hold such a meeting, the situation may change.

In addition, Pompeo participated in another show on the 15th During the video conference, it was stated that only when Washington believes that holding the DPRK-US summit can make real progress in achieving the goals set by the Singapore summit, the US President Trump is only preparing to hold the North Korea-US summit.

The first summit of the United States and North Korea was on June 12, 2018 Held in Singapore. At that time, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Trump signed a final joint statement. Trump said that Washington would provide Pyongyang with a”security guarantee” in exchange for its unwavering commitment to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. However, the second DPRK-US summit held in Hanoi, Vietnam, did not yield any results. In addition, the leaders of North Korea and the United States also held a brief meeting at Panmunjom on the Korean-Korean border on June 30, 2019, and agreed to resume working-level negotiations, but the subsequent working group meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, did not yield any results.