Will the US impose visa restrictions on some employees of Chinese technology companies? Ministry of Foreign Affairs:The US has made the biggest lie of this century on Xinjiang-related issues

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According to the news of the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Office on the 16th, at a regular press conference of the Foreign Ministry on July 16, a reporter asked:On the 15th, US Secretary of State Peng Peng Peo said he insisted that China is a century stain in the field of human rights. The US will impose visa restrictions on some employees of Chinese technology companies that provide material support for human rights violations. What is China’s comment?

Hua Chunying:IMHO, although the US side hangs human rights all day long, it is actually , The United States is the world’s largest human rights violator. The US’s accusation of China’s human rights issues in Xinjiang is the biggest lie of this century. Relevant US officials should be ashamed of this, and the American people should also be responsible for them. Officials with such a lie are sad.

The human rights situation in China should be decided by the Chinese people, not by American politicians. More than 70 years after the founding of New China, the Communist Party of China led the Chinese people on a development path suited to China’s national conditions and achieved remarkable achievements. On China’s 9.6 million square kilometers of land, 56 ethnic groups live in harmony and 1.4 billion people live and work in peace and contentment. For more than 40 years, China’s per capita income has grown more than 25 times, and 850 million people have escaped poverty. China’s contribution to global poverty reduction exceeds 70%. At the same time, China is the only country among all the major powers that has not developed into the second largest economy in the world through war, colonization and slavery. For more than 10 consecutive years, China has contributed more than 30%to the increase in global GDP. This is the largest human rights project, this is the best human rights practice, and China’s biggest contribution to the cause of human rights in the world. As long as there is no prejudice, anyone can see it for everyone.

Looking back at the United States, the United States used the Westward Movement to expel and kill Indians in the past 100 years after its founding . The Indian population of the United States dropped from 5 million to 250,000, only one-twentieth of the original. The United States has not fought in only 16 years in its 240-year history. Since 2001, the United States has illegally launched wars and military operations against Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries. Not to mention the financial expenditure of more than 6.4 trillion US dollars, the death toll is more than 800,000, resulting in the displacement of tens of millions of people. In the United States, the situation of ethnic minorities such as Africans is very difficult. Freud is not the only person in the United States who unfortunately suffocated and died because he could not breathe. Racism is everywhere in the United States, and the gap between rich and poor is clear at a glance. In fact, among the western countries, the US is the most differentiated between rich and poor. From 1989 to 2018, the bottom 50%of households in the United States had a net increase in household wealth that was basically zero, and the gap between rich and poor was the highest in 50 years. Faced with these hard facts, I do not know where Secretary Pompeo’s confidence and confidence talked to China about human rights issues! If I want to talk about it, I think he’d better ask Freud and the ethnic minorities in the United States what they think about the human rights situation in the United States. It’s best to ask how those innocent lives in Iraq, Libya and other countries think about the United States in human rights Problem performance!

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