With a smile, the boxing champion Tyson and the former coach released their suspicions, perhaps this is Jianghu

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Fighting World News:Mention the”boxing beast” Mike-Tyson the name, many boxing fans can imagine, Most of them are an untamed image of an invincible boxing champion. Tyson won the title of world heavyweight champion in his early twenties. He is one of the youngest world heavyweight champions.”Beast” Mike Tyson is in the boxing. The great status of the altar is no longer necessary.

Although Thai Sen is a great boxing champion, but at the same time his career and life experience are also very legendary and controversial. During the period when Tyson’s reputation reached its peak, Tyson was also due to bad life style and various controversies. Instead of saying goodbye to boxing, Tyson parted ways with many old friends and also had a huge conflict with his former head coach Teddy Atlas. The relationship between the two was extremely rigid.

Tyson After disagreeing with the former coach Teddy Atlas due to cooperation, after the relationship broke down and parted ways, they have not contacted for nearly 30 years, and even Teddy Atlas has publicly devalued Tyson on the show. The expression is amazing:”Tyson has never been a great boxer. He is a coward. As Tyson grew up, he was a coward. He always escaped. He likes to hide in the corner and avoid others from hitting him. In fact After Tyson retired, he has been evading the rest of his life. Although Tyson has a 50-6 record, I think he has never stood a real test. Although he has amazing talent and strength, he did not fight. After a real game. He lost 6 games. Because he was not a real fighter, he felt fear in his heart. He missed greatness.”

However, according to the latest news from World of Fighting, Teddy Atlas is in In an interview not long ago, he admitted that he had released his suspicions with Tyson Bing and the two sides resumed contact. Tyson made a sincere apology to Teddy Atlas after an event, and the two restored contact. Tyson invited Atlas to attend the charity dinner! He said:”Yes, we have contacted again, and the relationship is very good now!”

The 30-year grudge between boxing champion Tyson and former coach Teddy Atlas has been resolved, which is a smile Luo Enqiu, this ending is also very happy for the boxing world, frankly, there is no unsolvable contradiction, perhaps, this is the real Jianghu!

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