Without tangling the influence of the competition system, Shenhua top four goals in the new season

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At least to the outside world, Shenhua’s Group A is more qualified than the Suzhou Division B group to be called the “Death Group”.

In addition to the first game against Guangzhou Evergrande, Shenhua’s opponent in the second round of the league is Shenzhen Jiazhaoye, also from Guangdong. Last season, in the Chinese Super League league, the Shenzhen Jiazhaoye team unfortunately relegated, but with the disbandment of the Tianjin Tianhai team, this one was called”Undead Bird” by fans”‘S team was lucky enough to qualify as a”substitute” for the Chinese Super League.

However, unlike the”relegation team” and”upgraded horse” in the past, the super long preparation period just ended, Shenzhen Jiazhaoye team has introduced many strong players such as Gao Lin, Zheng Dalun, Wang Yongpo and Jiang Zhipeng. The team has also been preparing for the war with the Super League standard. The overall strength has been greatly improved compared with last year. The team also wanted to”change the way of life” in the new season. Although the previous warm-up games have lost more and less, but considering that Shenzhen Jiazhaoye’s warm-up opponents are Guangzhou Evergrande and Wuhan Zall, the top-ranked Super League players last season Team, Shenhua wants to take advantage of this opponent, it is not so easy.

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In the third round of the league, the Shenhua team will play against Shandong Luneng, the old opponent, and then they will encounter the Dalian team who is at home. The opponents in the final three rounds are Jiangsu Suning, Guangzhou R&F and Henan. Jianye. Last season, Shenhua and Jiangsu Suning and Guangzhou R&F both had a record of one win and one loss. Generally speaking, they were not dominant. Only in the two games against Henan Jianye, they won two games and won the upper hand in the contest between the two sides.

Despite winning the FA Cup last season, Shenhua’s performance in the Super League was not satisfactory, with 8 wins, 6 draws and 16 losses in 30 games, scoring 43 goals and losing After 57 goals, he only scored 30 points, ranking 13th, and once fell to the edge of the relegation zone in the middle of the season. For such results and performance, Cui Kangxi is obviously not satisfied, which is the main reason why he set the impact of the top four in the new season as the goal of the new season.

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Although preparations were affected by the epidemic, the captain Moreno had just finished isolation and returned to the team, another one Foreign aid Mbia is still under quarantine observation in the hotel, and it is difficult to catch up with the first few games of the first stage of the league. However, in the view of Lao Cui, the situation encountered by the Shenhua team may also be encountered by other Super League teams. Now, the most important thing is to concentrate and pay more attention to himself, and these ideas are also supported by the club’s senior management:”The Shenhua team’s goal for the new season will not change, nor is its determination to achieve better results. It will change.”

When the club senior officials talked about whether the use of the tournament system in the league will have a greater impact on Shenhua, the 16 teams participating in the Chinese Super League are currently on the same starting line. , There is no need to tangle:”The fewer games, which means you have fewer opportunities to make mistakes, because after the league starts, there may not be more time for you to adjust, so we have to treat each game as Go to the finals, every game will go all out, as long as you can play the spirit of the FA Cup finals, the result will not be bad.”